Adsubia Shops and Services


Shops and Services for Adsubia

Shops for Adsubia, in the Alicante region of Spain.

C/ Principal, 12. L’Atzúbia
Telf.: 966 400 610

Forn tradicional “San Vicent Ferrer”
C/ Puente, 1. L’Atzúbia
Telf.: 965 571 380

Embotits i Carniseria Temi
C/ Puente, 14. L’Atzúbia
Telf.: 965 575 600

Xiringuito “Castell de Forna”
Accés al Castell de Forna

Services for Adsubia, in the Alicante region of Spain.

Consultori Mèdic
C/ Torres Orduña, 1. L’Atzúbia
Telf.: 965 571 750

C/ Torres Orduña, 58. L’Atzúbia
Telf.: 965 571 784

Oficina de Correus
C/ Puente, 5. L’Atzúbia
Telf.: 965 571 358

Centre Cultural
Centre Cultural, Agència de Lectura i Centre de Tercera Edat.
C/ Puente, 10. L’Atzúbia
Telf.: 965 571 372


Satellite TV in Adsubia

For reception of UK Satellite TV in Adsubia (Sky TV in Adsubia, Freesat TV in Adsubia, and IPTV in Adsubia, see “The Sat and PC Guy – Satellite TV Installations“.

Adsubia Weather Forecast


Weather Forecast for Adsubia

Weather Forecast for Adsubia, in the Alicante region of Spain.

Adsubia Map


Map of Adsubia

A map showing the location and streets for Adsubia, in the Alicante region of Spain.



Adsubia Tourist Information

Adsubia is a municipality in the comarca of Marina Alta in the north of the province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community. It is enclaved in the Pego Valley. The neighboring municipalities are: Villalonga and Oliva and Pego.

Adsubia is a small traditional Spanish village situated amongst the extensive orange and lemon groves 2km from Pego.

The general area is at the northern limit of the Costa Blanca but has none of the brash commercialism of Benidorm and other more southerly destinations. The area around Adsubia contains some dramatic mountain scenery and aromatic orange and lemon groves but on the coastal plain is one of Europes largest subterranean lakes, which makes the area green and fertile. Water is extracted from this lake and the local water supply is consequently safe to drink.

Adsubia is real Spain with its many traditions and festivals. The beach, part of the Orange Blossom Coast is 11km from Adsubia and is part of an unbroken, unspoilt beach that stretches from Denia to Gandia.

The area is steeped in history and there are two castles within walking distance of the house. The Castell De Gallinera overlooks the valley at a height of 320m and close by is the Castell De Forna which overlooks the picturesque traditional Spanish village of the same name.

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