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May 202023

The N-332 highway will remain closed between Altea and Calp three days longer than initially planned.

That is until Wednesday 24th May 2023.

Calpe City Council citing the General Directorate of Highways, has indicated difficulties have arisen in the works that are being carried out in the Mascarat tunnels.

The N332 between Altea and Calpe was closed to traffic on Sunday May 14 2023 for urgent maintenance work.

The works in the Mascarat tunnels has been carried out for several weeks, but until now traffic had remained with only one active lane in the area of ​​the tunnels, giving alternate passage in one direction or the other. However, the phase started in recent days affects the entire highway platform, which is why it has been necessary to apply a total traffic cut on the N-332 . Specifically, the closed section is the one between kilometer points 164,700 and 165,500. On the rest of the route, property owners can access them, but obviously it is impossible for them to go from Altea to Calp and vice versa .

Due to this cut, all drivers who drive in this section must necessarily use the AP-7 motorway for their travels . In the direction of Valencia, traffic is diverted to this road at link number 64, to the north of Altea, and at exit 63, in Benissa, those who wish can return to the N-332. They are the closest accesses to the AP-7 to both municipalities. In the direction of Alicante, the detour is reversed: from the N-332 to the AP-7 in Benissa, and north of Altea you can take the road again. The intersection of the N-332 and the alternative route is duly signposted, both on the N-332 itself and at exits 63 and 64 of the AP-7.

This situation is a significant inconvenience for communications between Calp and Alicante or any town in the Marina Baixa such as neighboring Altea or Benidorm and Vila Joiosa, among others, since there is no direct access to the AP-7 it is necessary to drive to Benissa, that is, in the direction of Valencia, to then take the AP-7 and somehow retrace that route. This happens both for the residents of the urban area and for those of the Maryvilla urbanization and the Barranc Salat area; towards Calp you can use the N-332 without problem, but to go to Altea or further south you have to go to Benissa and then take the opposite path.

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