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Adsubia Sightseeing


Adsubia Sightseeing

Church of L’Atzúbia

The Church of St. Vincent Ferrer was built in the seventeenth century. The original structure consisted of a single nave with side chapels in the buttress. In the nineteenth century it was enlarged and took the form of basilica, with nave barrel formerets arches. The church is located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de L’Atzúbia, with a Moorish fountain whose water comes the nearby mountains.

Cova del tossal del llop
The visit to the Cova del tossal del llop is one of the most recommended for those who wish to discover L’Atzúbia – Forna. Access to the cave is fully enabled, and the interior is well-lit to observe the curious and original forms taken by the stalactites and stalagmites with the passage of time. The grotto is the Tossal and is Wolf open to the public Saturday and Sunday afternoons, throughout the year. to confirm your visit, contact the manager on the phone 965 571 358.

Forna Castle

Forna castle

Between Adsubia and Forna is one of the best preserved Moorish castles in the Alicante region.
Forna castle is a small but interesting hilltop monument. It’s about a five minute walk from the car park up to the castle gate.

The medieval castle was built by the Moors to keep a watchful eye out for Christian soldiers sent to overthrow the Arabs and reclaim the land.

Price: 2 € (without guide) 3 € (with guide). The visits have a duration of 30 minutes. For groups and visits after hours, contact the City Council of Atzúbia: 965 571 358