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Alicante Marina


Alicante Marina

The beautiful “Marina Deportiva de Alicante” is just 50 metres from Alicante’s thriving city centre.

In addition to the basics (electricity, water etc) the marina can offer many services including drinking water, a laundry, changing rooms and showers, a first aid centre, public telephones, ice machines, waste collection, lifebelts, fire extinguishers and a waiting pier.

A fuelling station is present, and for craft maintenance a divers service, crane and launching ramp are available.

The marina is equipped with the latest security systems, both active and passive. A network of infrared cameras and permanent security guards, in addition to periodic patrols are in operation. Access to all berths is restricted by way of a manned control hut and safety barriers. Security control operates from the tower.

Marina Alicante is a total of 123,392 m2 in size, comprising of 744 berths. Each berth is capable of holding craft up to 60m in length, and for craft less than 15 m a finger makes docking and push off manoeuvres easier. All berths are provided with water, electricity and satellite television (from 10m up).

A dry dock facility is present here, totalling 10,000m2. It is located in the industrial end of the harbour opposite the marina. Companies specialising in craft repair and maintenance are in operation here, they are also in charge of the Travelift. Below is a list of the elevation devices available: –

2 tons crane: Small crafts
Jet skis
Outboard motors
Travelift: 1 gantry cranes – 16 tons
2 gantry cranes 100 tons
Forklift truck: 2.5 tons capacity
Sailing Clubs

Various sailing clubs are operating in the area: –

Club Nautico Alicante

Tel +34 965 154491

Fax +34 965 265848

Real Club Regatas Alicante

Tel +34 965 921250

Fax +34 965 228542