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Alicante Restaurants


Alicante Restaurant Guide
Alicante’s best known fish and paella restaurant recently moved to the end of the new port to a new, modern building more stylish than the previous one. Elegant surroundings, fantastic views of the city, dining next to the harbour and the excellent cuisine will definitely make your evening a special one.
Location: Marina Complex, Puerto de Alicante, Marina de Deportiva – Alicante City
Phone: 96 5207589 – 96 5143745
Email: restaurante@darsena.com

Nou Manolin
The restaurant was established in 1972 and is very well favoured amongst locals for its selection of 50 tapas which is served on a daily basis. The menu focuses mainly on a selection of paellas, but includes many great dishes and a wide selection of Iberian wines.
Location: Villegas 3 – Alicante City
Phone: 96 5200368
Email: administracion@noumanolin.com

El Jumillano
It offers a cornucopia of succulent food, many menu items are derived from locally inspired recipes.
Location: César Elguezábal 64 – Alicante City
Phone: 96 521 2964

El Buen Comer
Typically Spanish restaurant and tapas bar which is very popular with the locals. Located in a little street at the back of the Town Hall you can sample special evening menus offering good choice of steak, pork or lamb dishes all at very reasonable prices.
Location: Calle Mayor 8 – Alicante City
Phone: 96 521 3541

El Monastrell
This lovely restaurant offers a culinary experience in a trendy atmosphere, combining the best local traditional ingredients with a modern approach to cuisine.
Location: Calle de San Fernando 10 – Alicante City
Phone: 96 520 0363

Restaurante Azahar
Small and tastefully decorated, the Azahar (which is the Spanish word for orange blossom) offers traditional Alicantino dishes from the coast and from the mountain
Location: Alberola 57 – Alicante City
Phone: 96 512 1348

Restaurante La Querencia
Avda. Países Escandinavos, 9
Playa San Juan, Alicante
Tel. 96 515 47 66

Restaurante Casa Pepe
Avd. de Cataluña, 14, Playa de San Juan, Alicante
Tel: 965 154 523

Casa Emilio
Av. Caja de Ahorros, 16, Vistahermosa, Alicante
965 155 556

Restaurante La Vieja Encina
C/ Doctor Van Der Hofstadt, San Juan – Pueblo (Alicante)
Tel:96 565 24 30

Restaurante La Sirena
Avda. Madrid 14, Petrer (Alicante)
Tel: 965 371 718

Restaurante L’Aplec
C/ carretera nº 35, Benialí, Vall de la Gallinera
Tel: 96 640 65 10 / 649 639 813

Restaurante La Montaña
Partida dels Algars, 139
Tel.: 965 590 832

Buffet Libre Los Olivos
A huge eat as much as you want buffet, made up of various types of food at cut down prices. Good for eating in small or large groups.
Arquitecto Morel 7
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 126 176

Burger King
The central most branch of the popular fast food chain.
Paseo Esplanada de Espana 4
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 219 027

This restaurant serves a delicious range of pizzas and pastas in true Italian style.
Plaza San Juan de Dios 1
San Juan
Tel +34 965 250 023

El Caribe
Traditional Caribbean food in Alicante. Well worth a try.
Primo de Rivera 14
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 207 785

Open for over 32 years this is a well established restaurant serving traditional German food. German beer is of course also available.
Calle San Fernando 18
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 200 730

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Yes the Colnel also has a place in Alicante.
Rambla Mendez Nunez 16
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 215 577

This excellent vegetarian restaurant is one of the few options for vegetarian diners in Alicante. The menu here is varied, and almost certainly a welcome change for those who have been surviving on salads and omelette for days.
Garcia Morato 5
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 216 614

Alicantes branch of the US born fast food chain.
Paseo Explanada de Espana 8
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 214 751

Sushi Sakura
One of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Alicante.
Po del Puerto s/n
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 209 280

Venta del Lobo
A typical Spanish restaurant serving a mixture of foods from meat dishes to seafood.
Calle San Fernando 48
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 140 985

Famed for its rice dishes and Gazpacho (cold soup) this restaurant serves typical Mediterranean fare.
Bacarot Finca Loburgat 79
Tel +34 965 189 089

This Italian restaurant serves a range of pastas, pizzas, and seafood dishes.
Miguel Sloer 10
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 205 502

Cactus Cantina
This Mexican restaurant serves (as you may expect) a range of Mexican dishes, with both spicy options, and mild alternatives.
Pintor Cabrera 12
San Anton
Tel +34 965 228 045

De Cuchara
Cooking traditional recipes in typical surroundings, this restaurant is conveniently located in the centre of Alicante.
Calle Poeta Quintana 46
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 212 932

El Caldero
Specialising in Caldero and Arroz Marinero rice dishes this is a good place to come for traditional rice based dishes.
Virgen del Socorro 68
Tel +34 965 163 812

El Rancho
This Argentinean restaurant specialises in Parillas, which are heavy meat dishes native to the country. If you are a meat lover and have never been to an Argentinean restaurant it is well worth a visit.
Avenida Eusebio Sempere 10
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 133 179

This Cuban restaurant is lively and full of atmosphere. Serving traditional Cuban foods and cocktails. Located near the cities marina.
Edificio Varadero Panoramis
s/n Marina Poniente
Puerto de Alicante

Serving Turkish food in a suitably decorated locale.
Italia 2
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 229 235

La Casa de Asturias
The menu here consists mainly of food traditional to the Asturia region of Spain. Meat and fish dishes with variations.
Carretera de Cartagena 75
San Gabriel
Tel +34 965 101 759

New Delhi
Serving a range of Indian foods in surroundings orientated towards the Karma Sutra. Many of the dishes prepared here are supposed to be aphrodisiacs.
Teniente Robles 3
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 215 202

This attractive modern restaurant serves a delicious range of French food. Both menu and service here are of a high standard.
Valdes 9
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 206 399

This popular restaurant serves a wide range of food from Greece.
Muelle de Levante 6
Centro Ciudad

Auberge de France
Situated in a rustic Finca style property surrounded by pine trees, this delightful restaurant boasts an excellent Mediterranean/French menu.
Flora de Espana 32
Tel +34 965 264 442

This restaurant offers an ample range of meat, fish and rice dishes, cooked in local styles.
Calle Aberola 57
(Junto a la Iglesia de Benalua)
San Gabriel
Tel +34 965 121 348

Cesar Anca
This centrally located eating house serves a good range of meat and fish dishes. The restaurant is normally closed for the month of July.
Calle General Lacy 12
Bulevar Plaza
Tel +34 965 243 362

As the name suggests the food served here is exclusively Chinese. Located in the city centre this is a popular restaurant.
Avenida Dr. Gadea 11
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 327 574

Club Nautico Costa Blanca
A specialist in local rice dishes, this restaurant is the place to come if you want to try true local cuisine.
Edificio Arka Leuka
La Albufereta
Tel +34 965 265 986

Cuevas del Conde
A good place to eat any day of the week. This establishment specialises in local fish, meat and rice dishes.
San Francisco 16
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 211 688

Serving a range of Italian/Mediterranean food this restaurant occupies a privileged spot overlooking the port of Alicante.
Muelle de Levante 8
Fase 1, Modulo 5
1a Planta, Local 1
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 204 223

El Bocaito
Serving a wide selection of fish dishes at reasonable prices.
Calle Isabel la Catolica 22
San Gabriel
Tel +34 965 922 630

El Jumillano
A popular restaurant amongst locals, this eating house features a menu traditional to the area. Although many of the choices available will likely be familiar, this is also a good place to come if you are looking for something new to try.
Cesar Elguezabal 62
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 212 964

Serving European food with a French slant, this restaurant is popular due to its friendly atmosphere and good customer service.
Avenida Costa Blanca 125
Tel +34 965 160 407

The Govana restaurant specialises in rice/fish platters. An elaborate range is on offer.
Plaza Dr. Gomez Ulla 4
Tel +34 965 218 250

Serving a good selection of Mediterranean foods this restaurant is well known for its ability to cater for large groups/functions. Ideal for any celebration.
Avenida Antonio Ramos Carratala 96
Tel +34 965 260 147

La Cantera
Serves Mediterranean fare with a good choice of rice dishes.
Avenida de Villajoyosa 6
Tel +34 965 263 606

La Creu
A Mediterranean eatery with a very relaxed vibe.
Calle Labradores 17
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 214 280

La Matanza Castellana
Predominantly cooking meat based dishes (mainly pork), this is a good restaurant.
Calle Bailen 13
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 218 561

La Piel del Oso
Cooking foods traditional to the area, menus here change frequently so as to offer more variety to the diner. A popular venue
Avenida Denia 140
Tel +34 965 260 601

La Seda
This restaurant serves a wide range of local and exotic foods.
Zona Muelle Poniente
Puerto de Alicante
Tel +34 965 984 300

Lo de Reme
With a reputation of serving only fresh produce from the days food markets, a range of Mediterranean cuisine is on offer here.
Isabel la Catolica 6
San Gabriel
Tel +34 965 123 902

Los Titorros
With spectacular views for its terrace Los Titorros serves from a mainly Mediterranean menu.
Muelle de Levante
Local 3
Tel +34 965 203 707

Nou Palas
Offering a wide selection of foods, traditional to the area.
Avenida la Estacion 9
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 227 555

The menu here consists mainly of fish and shellfish based Mediterranean dishes.
Calle Dr. Sapena 51
Tel +34 965 219 574

A popular restaurant with excellent service, Aldebaran offers Mediterranean cuisine with speciality rice and fish dishes.
Zona Muelle Poniente 1
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 123 130

One of the more prestigious restaurants in Alicante, Darsena offers a wide variety of dishes of Mediterranean dishes with a view of the marina.
Muelle de Levante 6
Marina Deportiva
Tel +34 965 207 589

El Jardin de Galicia
Specialising in recipes from the Galicia region in Northern Spain, this restaurant serves a range of meats, fish and shellfish.
Maisonnave 33
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 120 161

El Tragallum
A small local restaurant offering excellent service, and specialising in mainly Mediterranean food.
Campos Vasallo 33
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 213 869

Offering French style cuisine in the attractive surroundings of an elegant chalet.
Andalucia 18
Tel +34 965 150 376

With a minimalist style, this restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine with a modern slant.
Calle San Fernando 10
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 200 363

Nou Manolin
Serving Mediterranean foods, fish and shellfish, this prestigious restaurant is one of Alicantes best known.
Calle Villegas 3
Centro Ciudad
Tel +34 965 200 368

This seafood restaurant is famed for its salted fish, and rice dishes.
Avenida Oscar Espla 30
Centro Ciudae
Tel +34 965 227 940

Valencia 11
Serving traditional Mediterranean foods, this restaurant specialises in a range of fish, shellfish, meat, and rice dishes.
Calle Valencia 11
San Anton
Tel +34 965 211 309