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Alicante Weather Forecast


Weather Forecast for Alicante

Alicante enjoys Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures throughout the year and little rain, concentrated in equinoctial periods. The temperature on average is between 16.8° and 6.2° in January and between 30.6° and 20.4° in August, with the average annual temperature of 17.8°. Daily oscillations in temperature are very small due to maritime influence, although occasional episodes of wind from the west could result in temperature range in excess of 15°. Annual oscillations in temperature are small as well, i.e. winters are mild and summers are warm. The average amount of rainfall is 336 mm per year. September and October are the rainiest months due to torrential rains caused by the cold drop, which can reach over 200 mm in 24 hours causing severe flooding. Because of this irregularity, only 37 rainy days are observed on average per year, and the annual number of sunshine hours reaches 2,864.

Twelve hours a day, sunshine ceaselessly radiates in abundance on the city of Alicante. Even during winters, Alicante still gets six hours of sunshine a day. Though Alicante is not as humid and hot as down south, the days in Alicante are notoriously humid and hot at times. The winters are
fairly mild in Alicante, tempered by fresh and gentle coastal breezes. Alicante, as well as its neighbours on the Mediterranean Coast receives slightly more rainfall than Madrid. Furthermore, the waters around Alicante record the warmest temperatures in Spain, reaching up to 27°C (81°F) or so in August.