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Benidorm Fiestas


Benidorm Fiestas. Fiestas in Benidorm.

In the last week of September the “Moros y Christianos” (Muslims and Christians) fiesta commemorates the expulsion of the Moors from Benidorm in the 13th century. Literally hundreds of locals celebrate the festivity by way of donning often elaborate costumes and parading through the city streets.

October celebrates Valencia Day. Many exhibitions and stalls are set up to promote Valencian produce.

Perhaps the most important festival in Benidorm’s calendar is celebrated in November. La Fiestas Patronales venerates Benidorm’s patron saints (Virgen del Suffrage and Jaime Apostole), and runs from the 2nd Saturday of the Month until the following Wednesday. Worshippers carry huge bunches of flowers through the streets of the old town to the Church on the headland. The flowers are then woven into a huge display at the entrance to the church. Many parties follow, climaxing in an impressive fireworks display. Preceding events take the form of concerts, numerous sporting events such as football and fishing competitions etc.

Details of events are subject to change.

Three Kings 5th – arrival of the three Kings – A time for gifts.
Epiphany January 6th
Festes de Sant Antoni 15th to 18th Fiesta day 17th
Exaltación Falla Rincón de Loix 18th


San Valentín Festes del Roser 7th
Carnaval Benidorm 13th February
Fiesta – Burying of the Sardines 24th

Andalucía Day 1st
Cridà Fallas – This is the official inauguration of the Fallas 7th
Fallas  – 14th to the 19th ( 19th Fiesta of ” San Jose ” )
Commemoration of the ” Vírgen del Sufragio’ 16th – COMMEMORATION OF THE ARRIVAL OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN

Semana Santa 2010 (Easter Week) 2nd to 9th
2nd is Good Friday (Viernes Santo) 5th is Easter Monday (Lunes de Pascua)
Feste de la Santa Faç 23rd

Festa de La Creu 1st ( Also ” Workers Day ” National Holiday
Fiesta House of Andalucía 1st to 3rd
Fiesta del Barrio “Los Carrascos” 1st to 3rd
Fiestas del Barrio “Foietes” 8th to 10th
Medieval Market 9th and 10th
Saint Isidro 15th
Fiesta of Saint Isidre 15th to 17th

Romería del Corpus Casa de Andalucía 10th to 14th
Fogueres de Sant Joan 2009 19th to 24th Bonfires of Saint John 24th
Bonfires at La Cala (Gran Bali), Mercado and Park Elx, are exhibited.

San Fermín 6th
Fiestas Barrio San Cristóbal 10th to 12th
Fiestas de la Virgen del Carmen 16th to 19th (Fishermen Fiesta)
San Jaime 25th

San Roque 16th
Fiestas del Rincón de Loix 21st to 23rd

Fiestas Asturia 6th to 8th
Fiesta de la Vendimia 12th

Moors and Christians 3rd and 4th
Festes del Roser 7th to 11th
Valencian Community Day 9th Regional Holiday
Día de la Hispanidad – Spain Day 12th National Holiday

All saints Day 1st ( The day of the dead, when flowers are placed on the graves of those who have passed. A day of remembrance across Spain)

(Christmas and New Year festivities start on the 18th until the 5th Jan)
Spanish Constitution Day 6th National Holiday
Festa de la Inmaculada 8th
Christmas Market 13th and 14th
December 24th
December 25th
Fin de Año – New years eve – 31st

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