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Benidorm Weather Forecast


Benidorm Weather Forecasts

Sunshine unfailingly radiates on the resort city of Benidorm all year round. As a result, Benidorm sits atop the pinnacle as one of the Mediterranean coast’s most blessed holiday getaways. Side by side the warmth of its sunshine, Benidorm basks in a micro-climate simulated by the three mountain ranges protecting it from certain wind currents, all ending up to concoct a great town for all seasons, even winters!

Down south, along the double curve of its two long beaches, Benidorm’s timeless bastion of defences against the winds are the mountains Sierra Helada to the east, Aitana to the north and Tossal de la Cala to the west. It’s a city with a remarkably wild weather, temperatures on mid days ranging from 21 ºC in October to 13 ºC in January.

In the end, the most discriminating visitor enjoys about twelve hours of sun a day in summer, along with a good dose of humidity. During this season, the average sea temperature is 24ºC, air temperature about 26ºC. The city’s mild and sunny climate infiltrates right through winter. Six hours of sunshine still illuminate on winter days, temperatures much warmer than those inland. From May to October, forecasts for Benidorm are usually sunny and warm. It
achieves maximum heat from July to August, but the favourable sea breeze tempers the climate. Swimming activities are generally tolerable from June to October, November even – if the old Northern European Winters are manageable. On any given day, the town never ever runs a risk of being abandoned as the occupancy rate for a whole year is 85%. 365 days a year, Benidorm is a sunny, idyllic resort town with pleasantly warm winters.

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