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Peñon d’Ifach – Calpe Rock


Peñon d’Ifach – Calpe Rock

Calpe is dominated by the towering rock of Ifach which reaches an impressive 332m, rising almost sheer above the sea and is a nature reserve. The summit of the rock is reached after a tough climb up a footpath, by means of a short tunnel through the upper part of the rock. Be warned the path above the tunnel has almost no safety features and is not recommended for anybody with a fear of heights, the very young, or the remotely unfit.

Calpe, Penon Ifach

It is a calcareous rock one kilometre long, making a total of 50.000 m2 of rock. Joined to the land by a narrow isthmus, it is the result of a landslide from nearby Sierra de Oltà, making it one of the most unusual and beautiful geographical features, not only within the Valencian community but also on the entire Mediterranean coast. It was declared a protected Natural Park in 1987.

At the foot of the rock is the Royal Nautical Club and fishing port where the fleet of fishing trawlers unload their precious catch each day. It is also a meeting point for climbers and scuba divers from all over the world, who test its resistance over and over again, challenging nature by climbing its face and exploring its deep waters.

In older times the rock was used as a watchtower – it was an excellent vantage point to spot attacks from Berber pirates and to warn the surrounding community. Today the Peñon d’Ifach is a peaceful refuge for many plant and bird species and a popular destination for tourists & visitors to Calpe.

The climb to the summit of Peñon d’Ifach is worth the effort as it offers spectacular views of the surrounding coastline, and inland to the mountains in the area. It is popular with bird lovers who come to see some rare bird species including Audouin’s gull, Eleanora’s falcon and the peregrine falcon. Nature lovers can also enjoy the many species of wild flower including one rare orchid species found only on Peñon D’Ifach.

It is a genuinely tough and dangerous climb. From the top, magnificent panoramic views can be had. On a clear day, the island of Ibiza is visible.

Penon de Ifach, calpe

C/ Isla de Formentera, s/n 8 (Plano J-5)

Opening Hours: 1 March to 30 September:
Monday to Friday: 9:00h – 14:30h
Tuesday: 9:00h – 14:30h / 16:30h – 18:00h
Weekend and holiday: 9:30h – 14:30h

1 October to 28 February:
Monday to Friday: 8:30h – 14:30h
Weekend and holiday: 9:30h – 14:30h