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Guadalest Tourist Information


Guadalest is a town and municipality located in a mountainous area of the comarca of Marina Baixa, in the province of Alicante, Spain. Guadalest has an area of 16 km² and, according to the 2002 census, a total population of 189 inhabitants.

Guadalest is the most visited town in Spain with more than 2 million visitors a year. It is extremely picturesque located on a shear sided mountain overlooking and providing magnificent views of the river, the dam which forms a lake, the valley of Guadalest and more craggy mountains.

The village of Guadalest has two very distinctive neighbourhoods: The Arrabal, where locals live and ply their trades, on simple stalls, to the many visitors who keep this village alive and ensure it remains the most visited village in Spain, and The Castle, where, as the name suggests, the ruins of the ancient castle are located. Guadalest means Eagle’s Nest. It is easy to see where the name comes from.

The terrain along the shorelines of the Costa Blanca has developed rapidly but many hidden jewels still remain unspoiled. The beauty of visiting old pueblos inland is that they are not far away from modern resorts and beaches. There will be a town somewhere within the Costa Blanca with concealed treasures and Guadalest is at top of the list. Situated in the Marina Baja region, Guadalest rises above the rocks and sits on an altitude of 590 meters.

Once you turn the last approach to the village, the bell tower known as Penon de la Alcala sets the stage as captivating pinnacle surrounded by mountains and valleys. Your first impression will be nothing but oohs and aahs. The upward climb and winding roads will make this day trip to Guadalest worthwhile, whether you take an organized tour or venture on your own.

How to Get To Guadalest

Near Benidorm – take the CV70 road towards Terra Mitica. Follow signs for La Nucia until a roundabout sends you off to the right heading for Guadalest.

The route will take approximately 30 minutes drive. It is suggested to arrive early prior to the tour buses. If you prefer to use a tour operator, many local agencies offer half day excursions to Guadalest.


Tourist Information Office at Castell de Guadalest

Avda. de Alicante, s/n
03517 El Castell de Guadalest (Alicante)
Telephone number: 965885298
Fax: 96 5885385
E-mail: turismoguadalest@guadalest.es