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Teulada History


History of Teulada

The earliest signs of a settlement date back to the Upper Paleolithic Period (15-20,000 BC) with remains discovered in a cave on the headland (Cap d’Or). Teulada was founded in 1386 and during the 16th century was fortified due to the constant attacks by Barbary pirates. The lookout tower on the peninsular headland still remains and has been restored.
The economy was dominated by agriculture influenced by the period of occupation by the Moors. The walled terraces on the hillsides of the area are still present and allowed for orchards of almonds, vines and citrus fruits to be grown.

The economy of Teulada is dominated by the tourism industry and fuelled by the construction industry which is forever expanding the community size. The influence of the European expatriate community of predominantly English, German and Dutch residents has grown to the extent that in 1999 a political party of predominantly non Spanish residents, The Moraira Party, won control of the town hall in local elections. Since this time there has been a progressive investment policy in local facilities especially in the coastal area of Moraira.

Teulada still manages to retain its Spanish heritage and traditions. The street market held on Wednesday mornings, and the numerous fiestas that occur through-out the year provide the best example of Spanish customs, and some of the best firework displays, to be found on the coast.


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