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Jun 072024

Bailes del Corpus Christi en Gandía 2024
Corpus Christi Fiesta in Gandia Espana

Corpus Christi in Gandia, Spain, is a traditional and significant religious and cultural celebration that usually takes place in June. This event honors the Christian feast of Corpus Christi, which commemorates the Eucharist and the belief in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the consecrated bread and wine. The celebration in Gandia is notable for its rich history, elaborate processions, and unique customs.


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Key features of Corpus Christi in Gandia include:

Religious Processions: The central event is the solemn procession through the streets of Gandia. Participants, including clergy, local dignitaries, and various religious groups, carry the Blessed Sacrament in a monstrance. The streets are often decorated with flower petals, creating beautiful and symbolic designs.

Traditional Dances and Performances: The celebration includes traditional dances such as “Els Negrets” and “La Moma,” which are unique to Gandia. These dances are performed in the streets, adding a vibrant and cultural dimension to the religious festivities.

Decorations and Altars: Local residents and organizations set up elaborate altars and decorations along the procession route. These altars are adorned with flowers, religious icons, and other decorations, contributing to the festive atmosphere.

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El Corpus Christi en Gandía, España, es una celebración religiosa y cultural tradicional y significativa que suele tener lugar en junio. Este evento honra la fiesta cristiana del Corpus Christi, que conmemora la Eucaristía y la creencia en la presencia real de Jesucristo en el pan y el vino consagrados. La celebración en Gandía se destaca por su rica historia, elaboradas procesiones y costumbres únicas.

Las características clave del Corpus Christi en Gandia incluyen:

Procesiones Religiosas: El acto central es la solemne procesión por las calles de Gandía. Los participantes, incluidos clérigos, dignatarios locales y varios grupos religiosos, llevan el Santísimo Sacramento en una custodia. Las calles suelen estar decoradas con pétalos de flores, creando diseños hermosos y simbólicos.

Danzas y actuaciones tradicionales: La celebración incluye danzas tradicionales como “Els Negrets” y “La Moma”, exclusivas de Gandia. Estos bailes se realizan en las calles, añadiendo una dimensión vibrante y cultural a las festividades religiosas.

Decoraciones y altares: Los residentes y organizaciones locales instalan altares y decoraciones elaborados a lo largo de la ruta de la procesión. Estos altares están adornados con flores, íconos religiosos y otras decoraciones, lo que contribuye al ambiente festivo.


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May 242024

Stunning Coastline of Spain
Cala Blanca
Javea Xabia
Espana Spain

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Javea’s Cala Blanca, nestled along the Costa Blanca in Spain, captivates with its pristine beauty. Enclosed by rugged cliffs, this secluded cove offers a serene escape from the bustling world. Its azure waters shimmer under the Mediterranean sun, inviting swimmers and snorkelers to explore its depths. The soft, golden sands beckon sunbathers to bask in its warmth, while the gentle lull of waves creates a tranquil ambiance. Surrounded by lush greenery, it’s a paradise for nature lovers and hikers alike. Cala Blanca is a hidden gem, cherished by those seeking solace and natural splendor on Spain’s picturesque coast.

La Cala Blanca de Jávea, ubicada en la Costa Blanca en España, cautiva con su belleza prístina. Rodeada de escarpados acantilados, esta cala apartada ofrece un escape sereno del bullicioso mundo. Sus aguas azules brillan bajo el sol del Mediterráneo, invitando a nadadores y practicantes de snorkel a explorar sus profundidades. Las suaves arenas doradas invitan a los bañistas a disfrutar de su calidez, mientras que la suave calma de las olas crea un ambiente tranquilo. Rodeado de exuberante vegetación, es un paraíso tanto para los amantes de la naturaleza como para los excursionistas. Cala Blanca es una joya escondida, apreciada por quienes buscan consuelo y esplendor natural en la pintoresca costa de España.

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May 172024

Moros y Cristianos Festes
Moors and Christians Fiesta
Piles Valencia Espana Spain

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Piles celebrated the traditional Moors and Christians festival from 10 – 12 May 2024. The program includes a variety of events, among which the gala parade and, for the first time, the embassy in the tower park stand out.

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This year’s captaincy is from the Contrabandistes, from the Christian side, whose embassy will face the 2023 captaincy and from the Moorish side, the Al-Amasac troupe.
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May 122024

Rally Ciudad de Gandía
City of Gandía Rally
Pego-Xaló Trophy
Stages 4 & 5 Pego – Vall D´Alcala

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Valencian Community Rally Championship • May 10 and 11, 2024
Test: XVIII City of Gandía Rally Pego-Xaló Trophy .
Organizer: Gandía Automobile Club .
Date: May 10 and 11, 2024 .
Location: Gandía, Valencia .

Rally Calendar of the Valencian Community.

This year’s Gandía Rally combines stages from previous editions. With this, it has been possible to create a mix of sections with asphalts with excellent grip that will be liked by all participants. Special attention has been paid to the safety of both competitors and the public.

Scoring for:
• Championship of the Valencian Community of Rally Drivers and Co-drivers.
▪Valencian Community Rally Cups by Classes.
▪Valencian Community Championship of Historic Vehicles.
▪Championship of the Valencian Community of Regularity in Rallyes.
▪Championship of the Valencian Community of Clubs / Teams.
▪KUMHO Challenge 2024.

Test format.
Number of stages: 1 with 4 sections.

Number of timed specials: 8. Number of stages to recognize: 5.

Total kms against the clock: 104,257. Total distance: 382,686 km. Percentage sections: 27.24%.

Campeonato de Rally de la Comunidad Valenciana • 10 y 11 de mayo de 2024
Prueba: XVIII Trofeo Rally Ciudad de Gandía Pego-Xaló.
Organizador: Automóvil Club de Gandía.
Fecha: 10 y 11 de mayo de 2024.
Ubicación: Gandía, Valencia.

Calendario de Rallyes de la Comunidad Valenciana.

El Rally de Gandía de este año combina etapas de ediciones anteriores. Con ello se ha conseguido crear un mix de tramos con asfaltos de excelente agarre que gustará a todos los participantes. Se ha prestado especial atención a la seguridad tanto de los competidores como del público.

Puntuación para:
• Campeonato de la Comunidad Valenciana de Pilotos y Copilotos de Rally.
▪Copas de Rallyes de la Comunidad Valenciana por Clases.
▪Campeonato de Vehículos Históricos de la Comunidad Valenciana.
▪Campeonato de la Comunidad Valenciana de Regularidad en Rallyes.
▪Campeonato de la Comunidad Valenciana de Clubes/Equipos.
▪Reto KUMHO 2024.

Formato de prueba.
Número de etapas: 1 con 4 tramos.

Número de especiales cronometradas: 8. Número de etapas a reconocer: 5.

Kms totales cronómetro: 104.257. Distancia total: 382.686 kilómetros. Tramos porcentuales: 27,24%.

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May 122024

Went to the Rally Presentation in Gandia on Friday night.

Shame some of the drivers took the wrong routes, and instead of going around the streets of Gandia, ended up going around the square / plaza instead!

Rally Ciudad de Gandía / City of Gandía Rally
Pego-Xaló Trophy
Ceremonia de Salida / Exit Ceremony
Organizador: Automóvil Club de Gandía.
May 2024

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May 102024

Moraira Costa Blanca Spain

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Moraira, located on the picturesque Costa Blanca coastline of Spain, is a charming coastal town renowned for its pristine beaches, azure waters, and relaxed atmosphere. Nestled between the bustling towns of Javea and Calpe, Moraira has retained much of its traditional Spanish character despite its popularity among tourists.

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May 052024

Correfoc / Fire Run – A weird but stunning Spanish Fiesta tradition Daimus Valenica Espana Spain

Went to a fiesta in the village last night.
The Correfoc, or Fire Run.
Absolutly mad, fun and crazy and stunning.
UK Health and Safety Wokery people would have a heart attack with this!
None of that to spoil the fun here!

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May 032024

Feria abril de Gandia Exhibición hípica baile de caballos – April Fair of Gandia Horses and Flamenco


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Gandia will celebrate the 14th edition of the April Fair from April 26 to May 1. This event, organized by the Casa Andalucía de Gandia with the support of the Gandia City Council, will feature numerous performances and exhibitions to enjoy during the May long weekend.

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Apr 272024

Alcoy Moors and Christians / Moros y Cristianos / Entrada de Moros / Moors’ parade 2024

Went to see the Moors and Christians in Alcoy last weekend.

Not too sure if i went to the wrong parade on the wrong day, but it was not as good as I had expected or heard people say it was, so left a bit disappointed.

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The Moors and Christians parades in Alcoy, Spain, are a vibrant celebration of history, culture, and tradition. Originating in the 16th century, these festivities commemorate the Reconquista, the Christian reconquest of Spain from the Moors. The parades typically occur in late April, attracting thousands of locals and tourists alike.

The event features elaborate costumes, colorful floats, and reenactments of battles between Moors and Christians, showcasing the rich heritage of the region. Participants meticulously dress as either Moors or Christians, with intricate details reflecting the historical period.

The highlight of the festivities is the grand procession, where different groups representing Moors and Christians march through the streets accompanied by music and dance. Spectators are treated to a spectacle of choreographed routines, fireworks, and theatrical displays.

Beyond its entertainment value, the event holds significant cultural and social importance for the people of Alcoy, fostering a sense of community and pride in their shared history. It serves as a reminder of Spain’s complex past and the enduring legacy of the Reconquista. Overall, the Moors and Christians parades in Alcoy are a captivating blend of history, pageantry, and tradition, showcasing the vibrancy of Spanish culture.

Los desfiles de Moros y Cristianos en Alcoy, España, son una vibrante celebración de la historia, la cultura y la tradición. Con origen en el siglo XVI, estas festividades conmemoran la Reconquista, la reconquista cristiana de España a los moros. Los desfiles suelen tener lugar a finales de abril y atraen a miles de lugareños y turistas por igual.

El evento presenta trajes elaborados, carrozas coloridas y recreaciones de batallas entre moros y cristianos, mostrando el rico patrimonio de la región. Los participantes se visten meticulosamente como moros o cristianos, con intrincados detalles que reflejan el período histórico.

El punto culminante de las fiestas es la gran procesión, donde diferentes comparsas representativas de moros y cristianos desfilan por las calles acompañadas de música y baile. Los espectadores disfrutan de un espectáculo de rutinas coreografiadas, fuegos artificiales y exhibiciones teatrales.

Más allá de su valor de entretenimiento, el evento tiene una gran importancia cultural y social para la gente de Alcoy, fomentando un sentido de comunidad y orgullo por su historia compartida. Sirve como recordatorio del complejo pasado de España y del legado perdurable de la Reconquista. En general, los desfiles de Moros y Cristianos en Alcoy son una mezcla cautivadora de historia, pompa y tradición, que muestra la vitalidad de la cultura española.

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Apr 052024

Marjal de Pego / Oliva Pego / Oliva Marsh Natural Park Walk
Parc Natural de la Marjal de Pego-Oliva


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The Marjal de Pego-Oliva Natural Park is a Spanish protected natural area located between the municipalities of Pego and Oliva , in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia , Valencian Community . This area of ​​1,255 hectares was declared a natural park by the Valencian government on December 27, 1994.

This protected natural area has a dune system that extends south of the Serpis River . It is made up of swamp areas and rice fields. The formation of this park is due to the silting process that an old bay underwent that turned it into a lagoon and which later continued to turn it into the current marsh . Due to this, it constitutes a uniform extension of reed beds with numerous ponds of clean water being crossed by a network of old irrigation ditches.

Within the natural park, the Bullent (or Vedat) rises, which flanks the marsh to the north, and the Racons (or Molinell), located to the south of the area, which has been modified and channeled at various times. To the north of the area is the Serpis, one of the most important rivers born within the Valencian Community and which is responsible for most of the sediments that formed the orography of the park.

El Parque Natural del Marjal de Pego-Oliva (en valenciano Parc Natural de la Marjal de Pego-Oliva) es un espacio natural protegido español situado entre los términos municipales de Pego y Oliva, en las provincias de Alicante y de Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana. Este paraje de 1255 ha fue declarado parque natural por el gobierno valenciano el 27 de diciembre de 1994.

Este espacio natural protegido tiene un sistema dunar que se extiende al sur del río Serpis. Está conformado por espacios palustres y arrozales. La formación de este parque se debe al proceso de colmatación que sufrió una antigua bahía que la convirtió en albufera y que posteriormente continuó para convertirla en el actual marjal. Debido a ello constituye una extensión uniforme de carrizales con numerosas balsas de agua limpia siendo atravesada por una red de antiguas acequias.

Dentro del parque natural nacen el Bullent (o Vedat), que flanquea el marjal por el norte y el Racons (o Molinell), situado al sur del paraje, que ha sido modificado y canalizado en diversas épocas. Al norte del paraje se sitúa el Serpis uno de los ríos más importantes nacidos dentro de la Comunidad Valenciana y que es responsable de la mayor parte de los sedimentos que configuraron la orografía del parque.

Website : https://www.valenciacostablanca.com

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Mar 202024

Oliva Fallas 2024 / Fallas de Oliva

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The Fallas is a vibrant celebration held annually in the town of Oliva, located in the Valencia region of Spain. Similar to the famous Las Fallas festival in Valencia, it typically takes place in March. The festivities revolve around the creation and burning of elaborate papier-mâché sculptures, known as fallas, depicting satirical or cultural themes. These towering artworks line the streets, captivating visitors with their intricate designs and vibrant colors. Throughout the festival, there are parades, music, traditional dances, and other cultural events. The climax of the celebration occurs with the spectacular burning of the fallas, symbolizing renewal and community spirit.



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Las Fallas son una celebración vibrante que se celebra anualmente en la ciudad de Oliva, ubicada en la región de Valencia, España. Al igual que el famoso festival de Las Fallas en Valencia, normalmente se lleva a cabo en marzo. Las festividades giran en torno a la creación y quema de elaboradas esculturas de papel maché, conocidas como fallas, que representan temas satíricos o culturales. Estas imponentes obras de arte se alinean en las calles y cautivan a los visitantes con sus intrincados diseños y colores vibrantes. Durante todo el festival hay desfiles, música, bailes tradicionales y otros eventos culturales. El clímax de la celebración se produce con la espectacular quema de las fallas, que simbolizan la renovación y el espíritu comunitario.


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Feb 092024

Sunrise at Gandia Beach / Playa de Gandia

Watch the stunning sunrise over Gandia beach for one morning in January 2024.

This timelapse covers approx 90 minutes.

Gandia Beach, situated on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, is a renowned seaside destination offering a perfect blend of sun, sand, and vibrant entertainment. With its expansive golden sandy shores stretching for over three kilometers, the beach provides ample space for relaxation and water activities. The crystal-clear waters and well-maintained facilities make it a favorite among both locals and tourists. Gandia Beach is not only a sunbather’s paradise but also features a lively promenade with numerous restaurants, bars, and shops. The beach’s Blue Flag status reflects its commitment to environmental sustainability and high-quality services, ensuring a memorable coastal experience.

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