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Communities in Spain


Comunidad / Housing Communities in Spain

When buying s property on a Spanish housing estate you will automatically become member of a Community of Property Owners (comunidad de propietarious).

An Administrador de Finaces (Administrator of Properties) is appointed by the Community to deal with the payments and he/she prepares Annual Accounts for the annual Community Meetings.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) ) a President, Treasurer and Secretary are elected by the owners.

It is also necessary to ensure that your community payments are kept up to date, as failure to pay can result in an embargo being placed on your property by the Community and its subsequent auction in order to discharge the outstanding debt.

You can obtain a copy of the statutes of the community, so that you know the rules and regulations that apply.

You will have a right to vote at the annual general meeting and an obligation to pay the yearly fees.

Communities maintain the grounds, installations and buildings in attractive order at a yearly cost to the members.

Spains law of 1999 requires the seller of a property to produce a certificate from the president of the comunidad stating that the propertys fees are either paid up, or to give the amount of the debt owed. The seller of the property should arrange for this. The buyer can be held liable only for the comunidad fees of the current and previous year.