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Cost of Living in Spain


Cost of Living in Spain

Generally the Cost of Living in Spain is lower than the Cost of Living in the UK, with prices in Spain are about 10 – 15% cheaper than in the UK.

With many Spaniards live in houses or apartments, their social life is centred in cafes and restaurants rather than their homes. You can dine on the healthy Mediterranean diet with plenty of fish fruit and vegetables at a very reasonable cost.

Eating out at the many bars and restaurants is a must. ,The “Menu del Dia” is a cheap three course meal offered at lunchtimes and can cost as little as 8 Euros (I have even has a “Menu” for 5 Euros!) and you will be spoilt for choice and it usually includes a glass of beer or wine and sometimes even a bottle of wine per person.

Housing Costs: If you rent a house in a tourist area in Spain, then rents will be high and you should be able to find out exactly how high they are by searching on the internet. In non-tourist areas, rent is usually 2.5-3.5% of the value of the property. For people who want to buy a home in Spain, Spanish mortgages are currently around 6% interest. See some of the websites listed in our Spanish property listings for an idea of Spanish property prices.

Electricity: about 20% higher than UK prices for a similar sized-property

Gas: Where available, about 20% higher than in the UK. However, town gas is not available in many areas, and bottled gas is quite a lot more expensive.

Water: Water is metered in Spain, but you would not usually pay more than 20E per month if you do not have a pool or garden. With a pool and garden the price can be 4 or 5 times that.

Local Taxes. Local taxes are generally quite low, because most things that are paid for by the Council tax in the UK are covered by a regional component to income tax. Home-owners will usually pay less than 250E per year, and landlords will usually pay the charge for their properties.