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Healthcare in Spain


Healthcare in Spain

The Spanish Health Care System: Spain has a public health system so health care is free or low cost if you pay social security (families and retirees are also included). Like many countries, however, the public health service has waiting lists to see specialists and for non-urgent operations.

If you do not qualify for public health care then it is essential that you have private health insurance; you may not be allowed in the country without it. Even if you are under the public health care system it is still advisable (if you can afford) to have private health insurance in order to skip the waiting lists and receive treatment quickly. The most popular private health plans are Adeslas and Sanitas.

Tourists from EU countries can receive free treatment in Spain for up to three months, after which a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is necessary. The EHIC replaces the E111 form, which is no longer valid.

To obtain this card you must complete a form EHIC which will be available from British post offices or via the Department of Health as from 1st September 2005.

The card, which is free, will act as a direct replacement for the E111, entitling the holder to medical treatment when visiting any of the countries in the European Economic Area, which includes the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Cardholders are entitled to the same treatment, on the same terms, as the residents of the country they are travelling in – which in practice means either free or at a reduced cost.

Please note however, the EHIC card is not a substitute for travel insurance.

The EHIC form could take up to 21 days to process if you apply at a post office. If you apply directly through the Department of Health (0845 6062030 www.dh.gov.uk/travellers) it should take just seven days online or 10 days if you apply by phone.

Additionally, Spain has agreements in place with certain countries (such as the UK) that allows foreign pensioners to receive free access to public healthcare without having to participate in the workforce.

UK pensioners, for example, should obtain an E121 form from the UKs Department of Social Security and register this form at their local social security office in Spain.

Before moving to Spain, you should make sure you apply for the new European Health Insurance card (EHIC), which replaces the old E111. Application forms are available either at the Post Office, or at the UK Department of Health website

A EHIC will cover you for emergency healthcare treatment in Spain. It is really for tourists, but will ensure that you do not end up having to pay for treatment during your first few weeks or months in Spain. It will not cover you for most types of non-urgent treatment such as treatment for ongoing conditions, full maternity care or vaccinations and you should not rely on it if you are living in Spain.


Emergency or Immediate Health Care Requirement

If you are ill and have not registered with a doctor, or if it is weekend or fiesta time and your usual doctor is not available, go to the nearest Hospital Casualty Department. They are most helpful and you will always see a doctor fairly promptly. Take your form European Health Insurance Card, form E121 or form E106, your passport or your official Spanish health (SIP) card.

Where necessary doctors do make home calls; but you need to phone or get a friend to call at the surgery.

E106 The E106 is for people who have moved permanently to Spain but have not reached pensionable age, its period of effectiveness depends on the state of your past Nat Ins contributions record. The period of medical cover commences from the date you leave the UK. You must however apply and receive your E106 entitlement form before leaving the UK to ensure you are covered and to know what that cover entitles you to.

The E106 is available from the The Pension Service, Tyneview Park, Medical Benefits, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE98 1BA. England.
Tel 0191 218 7547 , Fax 0191 218 7376 or Email tvp.customer_care@dwp.gsi.gov.uk


Spanish Hospitals

Generally the larger towns have the best hospitals, which can be found by following signs with a big white ‘H’ or looking in the Yellow Pages under hospitals.

When attending a hospital (except in the case of an emergency) you must present either a social security card, evidence of private health insurance or proof of ability to pay the bills. If the insurance company does not pay to the hospital directly then you should pay yourself (credit cards are generally accepted) and claim this from the insurance company at a later date.


Spanish Doctors

The system of educating doctors in Spain is very different from that used in North America. As is common in Europe, medical doctors receive their training as university undergraduates. With public health care, you will usually be assigned a general doctor where you live when issued your social security card. With insurance, you will be able to select a primary care doctor from those affiliated with your plan. There are a number of doctors in Spain who speak English, especially in cities and resort areas, including doctors who received their training in English speaking countries. Embassies and consulates usually maintain lists of such doctors.


Spanish Pharmacies

Many drugs, including antibiotics, that are available only with a prescription in other countries may be obtained directly from pharmacists in Spain without a prescription. For those drugs where a prescription is required, when given a prescription by a doctor you can pick up the drugs or medicines from a pharmacy which displays the sign of a green cross. Most pharmacies are open from 09:30 until 13:30 and from 16:30 until 20:00 from Monday to Saturday. Outside of those hours a notice will be posted of the nearest pharmacy open after 20:00. There are 24 hour pharmacies in all towns, which pharmacies are indicated by a red light on the pharmacy sign.

You do not need any forms to buy medicines in a pharmacy, though and you may be surprised at what you can buy. Many drugs that are prescription only in the UK are available to over the counter in a Spanish pharmacy, including Asthma inhalers and antibiotics. Obviously some drugs are expensive though and it would be cheaper to get them on prescription if you are entitled to health care in Spain. If you want to be able to get medicines on prescription in Spain, you should bring a UK prescription with you, and be prepared to get it officially translated into Spanish.

If you have a prescription, you pay only 40% of the medicines cost.



Most ambulatorios or centros de salud (health centres) have a dentist who will provide free treatment to people registered with the social security system. You may also find dentists offering emergency treatment in Spanish hospitals. We have received mixed reports about these dentists – some have complained about long waiting times and “brutal” treatment, others have praised the work. If you have any problems getting an appointment with the dentist at your local health centre, then private dental treatment is widely available and prices are low compared to private treatment in the UK. For private dental work, expect to pay around 10 euros for a check-up, and 40-50 euros for a white filling.


Pensioners – Pensionista Club

The Spanish Authorities take great care of their pensioners (often referred to as Amigos). Registering as a Pensionista gives you considerable benefits which can vary somewhat depending on the Province in which you live. If registered anywhere in the Province of Valencia, these benefits include reduced train and bus fares, reduced admission to certain functions/events and admission to any Pensionistsa Club (the clubs are in most towns and villages) where generally meals and drinks are at very reasonable prices.

Showing your Pensionista membership card will ensure a warm welcome. You also become eligible for very reduced rate holidays at good class hotels via the Club Association.



Hospitals and Medical Clinics in Costa Blanca Spain


ALICANTE, Hospital General, Maestro Alonso, 109, Tel:96 590 83 00/83 01
DENIA, Hospital Marina Alta (La Pedrera), Ptda real de Santa Paula, Tel: 96 578 70 12
GANDIA, Hospital Francesc de Borja, Paseo de las Germanias 71, Tel: 96 295 92 00
SAN JUAN, Hospital Universitario, Ctra Alicante Valencia, Tel: 96 590 87 00
VILLAJOYOSA, Pla d’Aljuv, Tel: 96 685 92 00

Health Centres (National Health Surgeries)

ALFAZ DEL PI, C/ Princeps d’España, Tel: 96 588 98 09
ALTEA, C/ Galotxa, Garganes Basseta, Tel: 96 688 01 06
BENISSA, Avda Ausias March, Tel: 96 573 24 61
BENIDORM, Cl Tomás Ortuflo, Tel: 96 680 38 02
CALPE, Avda Conde de Altea, Tel: 96 583 50 11
CAMPELLO, C/ Convento, Tel: 96 563 25 36
DENIA, C/ Marques de Campo, Tel: 578 08 56
GANDIA, Constitucion 29 C/ Duc Carles de Borja s/n Tel: 96 287 59 45
JAVEA, Plaza de la Constitucion, Tel: 96 579 25 00
MORAIRA. C/ Dr, Catalayud. Tel, 96 649 02 04
OLIVA Tel 96 283 98 99
SAN JUAN, C/ Ptda de Benali, 96 565 52 00
TEULADA/MORAIRA, C/Dr Pitach, Tel: 96574 11 36
VILLAJOYOSA, C/ Juan Tonda Aragonés, Tel: 96 589 53 85

Red Cross Ambulances Emergencies

Alicante 96 296 58 76
Altea 96 545 25 36
Benidorm 96 578 13 58
Calpe 96 583 82 55
Denia 96 586 42 09
Elche 96 584 31 83
Gandia 96 525 41 41
avea 96 525 25 25
Moraira 96 579 19 61
Teulada 96 574 09 50
Villajoyosa 96 574 09 50 96 589 14 00

Ambulances (Private or contracted)

ALICANTE 96 515 33 33
BENIDORM 96 585 59 45
CALPE 96 583 82 66
ELCHE 96 544 37 73
LA NUCIA 96 687 38 28

Private Clinics

San Carlos, Avda de Denia 78, Tel: 96 516 22 00
Mare Nostrum, Calle La Dorada 16, Playa de San Juan, Tel: 96 526 80 85
Vistahermosa, Avda de Denia 113, Tel: 96 526 80 00
Perpetuo Socono, P1 del Dr Gomez Ulla 15, Tel: 96 520 1100

Clinica Benidorm, Avda Alfonso Puchades 8, Tel: 96 585 3850

Climca San Carlos, Ptda Madrigueres 14, Tel: 96 578 01 66/15 54/15 50


Juan Puig (Medico). Metz Clinic, Javea.
Biologic Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, and Nerve Therapy. (Speaks
English, German and Spanish)
Telephone:- Dr Metz Clinic. 96 646 8303 Tel,-Fax / 24 hrs on 609 600 408


Dra Snr J Miguel Llorca Sanchis. Podologo Servicio. Oliva.
Tel 96 285 2725.

Chiropractors – Quiropractico

Claudia Sandino D C. Calle Mayor – 44-1-5 46700. Gandia
Tel 96 296 14 74


Dr J A Martinez, Alfonso el Sabio 24, 03001 Alicante
Tel 96 521 38 45
Srta Consuelo Jorda Garcia. Avenida Holanda 6-3B, 03540 Playa de San Juan,
Tel 96 515 16 43

Dra Marga Garcia Pastor, Clinica Dental,
Rey Don Jaime 3, Bajos 11/12, 46700 Gandia (opposite main Post Office)
General dentistry & denture requirements.
Tel 96 296 56 14

Clinica Dental Reballet, (Senora), Oliva
Tel 96 285 63 73

Dr Alberto Alemany Gil, Calle Moreral 19-1, 03780 Pego, Alicante
Tel 96 557 05 27

Dr David Mora Gasque. San Pedro 3101 Villalonga.
Tel 96 281 7055

ENT Specialists

Dr J Lopez Rico, Plaza Abad Penalva 1, 03002 Alicante
Tel 96 520 28 77

Mr Jack Dare, Edificio Central 4, Avenida Carrero Blanco,
03710 Calpe, Alicante
Tel 96 583 25 46

Dr J Colio, Marques de Campo 45-1, 03700 Denia, Alicante
Tel 96 578 79 91
Dr Axel Haines, Clinica San Carlos, 03700 Denia, Alicante
Tel 96 642 09 11

Optica Llamusi, Plaza de Pescadores 8, Guardamar, Alicante
Tel 96 572 92 17

General Practitioners

Alfaz Del Pi
Dr Stephen McEwen, Premiere Healthcare Clinic, Carrer Oslo, 24, 03580 Alfaz Del Pi
Tel/Fax 96 686 02 58, Alicante

Dr Ann McArthur, Apartamentos Albatros 1-1, Avenida Mediterraneo, 03500 Benidorm
Tel 96 585 51 83. Alicante
Dr Jan Nilsen, SOS Scandinavic, Avenida Madrid 26, 03500 Benidorm
Tel 96 586 11 81, Alicante

Dr Jean Miller, Clinica Britannia, Pintor Sorollo, 12, 1-K, 03710 Calpe
Tel 96 583 75 53
Dr JP Berghezen, Ed Europlaya, C/ Corbeta, Calpe
Tel 96 583 35 82
Dr Luis Cebrjan, Clinica Britannia, C/Pintor Sorolla. Calpe
Tel 96 583 73 53

Dr Raael G Regalado, Montesol 7, Urbanizacion Raspeig, 03860 Campello, Alicante
Tel 96 565 93 95
Dr M Friedrich, Cl Convento , 39. Campello
Tel 96 563 37 68

Dr Juan Salort, Centro Medico, C/Beniarmut, 1, Denia
Tel 96 578 7991 (main contact number) or 96 578 76 54

Dr Lorenzo Edu Makuy, Medico/Inventor, Specialist in Tropical Medicines and Diseases
P,Germanias, 82,4,14A. 46700 Gandia.
Tel / Fax 96 286 03 15. Mobile 626 985 528
Dr Salort, Centro Medico Group. Surgeries in Gandia, Denia and Oliva Nova
Gandia: 96 287 4740
Oliva Nova: 96 285 7918
Denia: 96 578 7991 – main contact number

Dr Jean Miller, Centro Terapeutico, La Plaza 9, Ctra Cabo La Nao, 03730 Javea
Tel 96 583 75 53
Dr Bernard Willis, Clinica Tarraula, Canu Cabanes TA 83, 03739 Javea, Alicante
Tel 96 646 01 66
Dr Inigo Poole, Residencial Arenal 18B, 03739 Javea, Alicante
Tel 96 646 05 02
Dr Jean Miller, Centro Terapeutico, La Plaza 9, Ctra Cabo La Nao, 03730 Javea
Tel 96 583 75 53
Dr Michael Metz Clinic. Javea. Deutsche Arztpraxis-Consultorio Aleman)
A Family GP Clinic based on the outskirts of Javea. Dr Metz is fluent in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Rumanian and Spanish.
Telephone:- Dr Metz Clinic. 96 646 8303 Tel,-Fax / 24 hrs on 609 600 408

Dr H E Landa, Edificio Norte 1, Ctra Calpe 7, 03724 Moraira, Alicante
Tel 96 649 07 07
Dr E Vrolik, Vtra de Calpe, 1, Ed Norte 1, Moraira
Tel 96 649 07 07
Dr Hugo Polanco, Virgen de las Mercedes, 96. Muchamiel
Tel 96 565 00 79

Dr Juan Salort, Centro Medico Group
Oliva Nova: 96 285 7918
San Juan
Dr Hugo Palanco, Calle Comandante Seva 11, 03550 San Juan, Alicante
Tel 96 594 07 52

Santa Pola
Dr F Gomez Soler, Urbanizacion Gran Alacant, Ctre Alicante-Cartagena, Santa Pola, Alacante
Tel 96 514 54 11

Dr Jose Gonzalez, Plaza Constitution 10, Torrevieja, Alicante
Tel 96 542 68
J M Paz & Dr Marc Fias, Plaza Capdepon 4-1E, 03180 Torrevieja, Alicante
Tel 96 571 63 17
Clinica SOS
Dr Stephen McEwen Calle Clemento Gosalvez 42B, 03180 Torrevieja, Alicante
Tel 966 70 75 86
Premiere Healthcare Clinic, 03180 Torrevieja, Alicante
Tel/Fax 96 686 02 58


Frau Dra Campagne. Metz Clinic, Javea.
Speaks English, German and Spanish
Telephone:- Dr Metz Clinic. 96 646 8303 Tel,-Fax / 24 hrs on 609 600 408

Heart and Lung Specialists

Dr Pedro Cortes, Avenida Alfono el Sablo 27, 03001 Alicante
Tel 96 513 20 59

Dr David Cowlishaw. English Cardiac Clinical Physiologist
Telephone 690 055 692. E-mail cowlishaw@hotmail.com


Metz Clinic. Javea.
Frau Dra Britta Simmons, Family Doctor and Homeopathy practitioner. (Speaks English, German and Spanish)
Juan Puig (Medico) Biologic Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, and Nerve Therapy. (Speaks English, German and Spanish)
Tel Metz Clinic 96 646 8303


Optica Llamusi, Plaza de los Pescadores 8, Guardamar, Alicante
Tel 96 572 92 17

Dr Carlos Infantes, Avenida Juan Carlos 1 83-1, 03730 Javea, Alicante
Tel 96 579 12 29

Orthopaedic Surgeons

Dr. med. Manuel Rodriguez Bugallo. Traumatologia y Ortopedia
Orthopadische Chirurgie – Orthopaeic Surgery.
Avda de Albir, 60. E03581 Albir. Alfaz del Pi. (Alicante)
Tel 96 686 41 46 Mobile 639 060 134. E/mail; elalbir@terra.es

Dr Luis Cebrian, Clinica Britannia, Edificio Medici Centro 1K, Calle Pintor Sorolla 12, 03710 Calpe
Tel /Fax 96 583 75 53

Dr Enrique MacKenney, Carrer Ample 9-1, 03202 Elche, Alicante
Tel 965 42 16 22

Dr Jose Baeza Noci (Ortopedica and Traumatologia) Clinica Fersalud, C/Barcelina,29, 46700 Gandia
Tel 96 287 26 49

Dr Antonio Puig Rosado Calle Cirilo Amoros 69, 46004 Valencia
Tel 96 352 96 64
Dr Jose Baeza Noci (Ortopedica and Traumatologia)
Clinica Virgen Del Consuelo, C/, Callosa de Emnssarria 12. 46007 Valencia
Tel 96 317 40 00


Dr A Mozaffari, Avenida Oscar Esplav 28, 03007 Alicante
Tel 96 513 20 59


Wolfgang Burger, Physiotherapist and Massage, Metz Clinic, Javea.
Tel Metz Clinic. 96 646 8303


Dr Alberto Rodriguez, Avenida Maisonnave 5-4 iz, 03003 Alicante
Tel 96 512 38 60

Dr Noelia Aguirre, Calle Los Almendros 35-1-D, 03500 Benidorm, Alicante
Tel 96 585 74 13