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Jul 282016

The Board of Directors of Railways of the Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has agreed to temporarily suspend rail service on the stretch between Calpe and Denia Line 9 TRAM of Alicante until the works of modernization and refurbishment which has provided the company made public. So have spoken Council members after the manager of the entity, Flag Angel Garcia, has presented this morning a report of the situation and the actions taken and planned proposals for action.

Therefore, and pending the renovation of roads and infrastructure as well as installation of Automatic Blocking and ATP (Automatic Train Protection) between Calpe and Denia, will remain closed line and alternative buses are enabled to do this route, with stops at the stations themselves or close points and current schedules.

The manager FGV has submitted to the Board of Directors the different work that has been done to analyze the condition of the road and the emergency measures adopted in the Safety Commissions made in the last two weeks, among which is the reduction speed 40 km / h. Given this, it has taken the decision to suspend the service until the line meets the standards of comfort and quality of the rest of the network of FGV for which tasks of modernization of roads and installation of security systems be made .

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