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UK TV – Intelsat 907 BBC SATBACK system


Intelsat 907 – BBCSATBACK system

The BBC SATBACK system is transmitted from the Intelsat 907 satellite located at 27.5 west.

It is thought that this system is used as emergency cover should there be any transmission distribution failures in the UK Freeview TV system. Both the BBC SATBACK and UK Freeview services are operated by Aquiva.

The BBC Satback on Intelsat 907 carries a limited number of channels, BBC One, BCB Two, BBC Three, BBC FOur, CBBC, CBeebies, BBC News, ITV1 HD, Channel 4 HD and a number of BBC radio services.

The channels on BBC Satback on Intelsat 907 are not for public use, and are therefore encrypted using BISS. However, BISS is not very secure, and using BISS CODE KEYS found on the internet, and inputting those BISS CODEs into a satellite receiver, users can access the encrypted channels. Hacking into encrypted channels is illegal, something that satellite installers selling these systems fail to tell their clients. The BISS CODEs do change, approximately every four months, but the new codes are usually available within hours on the internet.

Although these codes are available on the internet, some satellite installers charge their clients for telling them the new codes. It is also common for the satellite installers to install a PIN number onto the receiver so that only they can access the menu systems, even though the clients have paid for the box!

It is unknown for how long the BBC Satback system will continue, as Intelsat 907 is approaching the end of its operational life, and it is unknown if the BBC Satback service will continue to operate or be available on the replacement satellite.

The Intelsat 907 / BBC Satback TV system is popular in areas of Spain like the Costa del Sol, and south Portugal, where reception of main UK TV channels like BBC ITV and Channel Four from the official UK TV Astra 2 satellites is difficult without using a giant 5m+ satellite dish.


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