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Spanish TV


Spanish TV and TDT in Valencia, Alicante and Spain

Spanish TV

Televisión Digital Terrestre (Terrestrial Digital Television) also know as TDT, is Spains version of the UK’s Freeview system. The Spanish terrestrial TDT system provides digital television channels via your normal terrestrial TV aerial on the roof. The old poor quality terrestrial analogue signals are slowly being turned off, as part of the Europe wide analogue switchoff programme, and being replaced by high quality digital signals. These digital signals provide much clear picture quality, multiply audio options and more channels. Whereas you could normally receive on 9 – 12 Spanish television channels, there are up to 30 Spanish television channels available digitally, depending on your location.

Many digital terrestrial channels on TDT are available for free – free to air.

You cannot get BBC, ITV or any other UK TV channels on TDT. TDT is a Spanish TV system, and provides Spanish TV channels only, and, even if using a UK Freeview receiver in Spain, you still will not be able to receive BBC or ITV via a Spanish TV aerial on TDT.

Many channels are able to broadcast their programmes with their original audio. So if a programme is being broadcast that was made in the UK or USA, then you may be able to change the Spanish audio soundtrack into an English Audio soundtrack. Normally this is done by pressing the Audio button on the remote control and selecting the required language.

Not all channels are broadcasting their programmes in their original language, but the majority of them do when they show a movie or a series.



Will my UK digital Freeview box work in Spain?
Some UK Freeview boxes do work in Spain, but there are a few issues – you must ensure the box can scan frequency 69 – a frequency that is not used in the UK but it is in Spain. Also UK boxes may not be able to change programmes into their original language as some UK boxes are programmed to look for English, Welsh and Gaelic language “tags”, where as in Spain they use different language tags like “Dos” or “VO” (Version Original), or “Multi” or “Und”. The Disney channel does use an “English” tag.


UK Freeview in Spain
You will not be able to receive British FREEVIEW TV channels in Spain. It is impossible to get Freeview in Spain. Freeview is only available in the UK, and is only able to be received in the UK via a TV aerial. The nearest Freeview transmitter is in Cornwall, and that transmitters signal is not powerful enough to reach Spain.

There are no UK channels available on Spains TDT Digital Terrestrial service. TDT only has Spanish TV channels, however, on the many UK and USA imports, you are able to change the language / soundtrack from Spanish to that programme original language / soundtrack.

Any “UK TV installation company” offering “UK Freeview in Spain” should not be approached, as it is impossible to receive Freeview in Spain, and they clearly do no know what they are talking about if they are offering it in Spain! (if you are unsure, ask them to use an official Freeview branded receiver set top box, connect it to a normal TV aerial, and see if they can receive Freeview – the EPG should have the Freeview logo on it if they are using an official Freeview receiver)

However, many of the channels that are available on Freeview are available via satellite for free.


Spanish TV Coverage and Availability
TDT Digital Television is not available in all areas of Spain, due to the signals being weak due to location (i.e. mountains). For example, in my area of Gandia, a few villages are unable to receive a signal from the main transmitter on Monduver mountain so some of these areas will soon be covered by a new transmitter on Tosal Gros (Oliva) to help these villages get a much stronger signal.


Will my English / UK TV work in Spain?
This is a question I get asked a lot of times.
It is possible to receive Spanish digital tv with an English tv.
Any device, like a satellite receiver or a Televisión Digital Terrestre TDT (Spanish Freeview!) set top box, you buy in Spain and connect to your TV via the SCART / EURO connectors will work.

Uk TVs with inbuilt Freeview digital TV tuners may work with Spanish digital tv service (TDT). TDT is similar to the UK Freeview service, but certain options (i.e. change sound / all channels) may not work.


Spanish TV Frequencies in Spain
Many Spanish TV channel frequencies are the same across the whole of Spain. Most of the channels available from the main transmitters are available from channels 66 through to channel 69. TVE1, La 2, and a few other TVE channels are spread over a few frequencies, which depend on which area of Spain you are located.

Spanish TV Channel Frequencies

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