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UK TV – Freesat in Spain


Freesat in Spain


Freesat is a subscription free satellite TV service.

With a satellite dish of appropriate size for your area and a Freesat set top boxes, you can receive and watch the main UK TV channels, including BBC ITV Channel Four and Channel Five, with no subscription or viewing card.

There are over 125 subscription free UK TV channels available on Freesat. There are also 10 subscription free HD TV channels on Freesat HD.

However, the satellite signal strength of these channels across Spain varies greatly, and therefore so will the size of satellite dish required to receive them.

In some areas of Spain, such as the Valencia and Costa Blanca areas, satellite dishes measuring 100x110cm are the minimum size required for stable reception of these UK TV channels.

In the Barcelona, Cataluña and Almeria areas of Spain, a satellite dishes measuring at least 1.8m is the minimum size required for stable reception of these UK TV channels.

In areas like the Costa del Sol, Malaga, even larger satellite dishes are required, some suggesting 5m plus is required, due to the low signals in that area.

Despite what you may have heard, it is not illegal to watch the free UK TV channels via satellite in Spain.

Note that you can only receive Freesat on official Freesat branded set top boxes. Some satellite installer in Spain sell other makes and models of satellite receivers, such as Iberosat or Galaxy Innovations (GI), or Ferguson Ariva, claiming they are Freesat receivers, when they are not Freesat receivers.

A Sky digibox, even without a viewing card, will receive the same subscription free UK TV channels as a Freesat set top box.


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