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UK TV – UK TV Guide


UK TV Guide

UK TV Guide

Find out what programmes are on the UK TV Freesat and Sky channels, like BBC1, ITv1, Channel 4, Five, Sky One, Sky Movies and Sky Sports with our interactive programme guide.

Freesat – subscription free UK TV channels via satellite – more on Freesat here

Sky TV – free and subscription UK TV channels via satellite – more on Sky TV here


UK TV Guide



What is Freesat TV?


Freesat was launched on 6th May 2008. Freesat offers free to air, subscription free UK TV via satellite. It was was designed for those areas of the UK that are unable to receive the UK terrestrial digital service, Freeview. For a one-off payment you can receive over 150 TV and Radio channels.

Sky TV

Sky TV in Spain

Sky UK, formerly known as British Sky Broadcasting or BSkyB, is the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster. In 2015 Sky had 11 million pay TV customers.

The channels on Freesat and Sky TV are currently transmitted from three UK TV satellites : Astra 2E,Astra 2F and Astra 2G.

Previous satellites used for UK TV were Astra 2A, Astra 2B, Astra 2C, Astra 2D and Eurobird 28.