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Alberic Tourist Information

Alberic is a municipality in the comarca of Ribera Alta in the plain between the river and the river Xúquer Rio Verde in the Valencian Community, Spain.

Festivals in Alberic:

La Nit del Meló, August 8, is celebrated at midnight. Taste a watermelon in honour of San Lorenzo, patron of Alberic.

Another festival highlight is the Feria de San Julian, on June 24, which lasts for ten days in which they are organized shows, dances and other activities.

Also held in Alberic, the internationally famous Valencian fiesta in honour of San Jose on March 19.

Alberic is famous for being the village where the best hand made or Panquemados Monas, sweet spongy bread that is usually taken for Easter with chocolate, a hard-boiled egg and dry sausage. The history of this product we found in the "Munna," Arabic word meaning "provision of mouth," that the Moors were a gift to their lords.

Alberic began its history in ancient times, since remains have been found in Bronze Age and Roman objects of the second century BC The conquest of the city at the hands of Joumada I saw the independence of the people, born in a farmhouse to the end of Alzira.

With the expulsion of the Moors in 1609, Alberic was virtually depopulated, which disrupted, as happened in other towns Valencia, socio-economic activity of the population.

Because the mortality caused by rice cultivation, the number of inhabitants almost does not increase over time, in spite of immigrants arriving in Alberic to work the fields cultivated with rice.

Due to the large number of day labourers that existed in the town during the civil war was very important the socialist movement.

The modern history continues to develop local agriculture around now-rice cultivation has shifted to other places and the orange has taken its ground. It also has an emerging industry with the construction of an industrial estate.

The Urbanisation of San Christobal is located close to Alberic.

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