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Alzira Tourist Information

Alzira (its official and Valencian name; in Spanish: Alcira) is a town and municipality of 44,440 people (2007) in eastern Spain. It is the capital of the comarca of Ribera Alta in the province of Valencia.

Alzira is located in the province of Valencia on the left bank of the Júcar river, and on the Valencia–Alicante railway.

Alziras climate is typically Mediterranean: warm with no extremes of temperature either in summer or winter. Rainfall is scarce and irregular. Torrential rains usually follow periods of relative drought.

The town is situated on the shores of the Júcar river. The Murta and Casella valleys are well worth visiting as they are by far the most beautiful areas in the Alzira area.

The town borough extends over 111 square kilometres. The population count was 44.440 inhabitants in August 2008 in the city and 50,000 with the surroundings (estimated).


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