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Benigánim Tourist Information

Benigánim is a town in the province of Valencia, in the Comunidad Valenciana in Spain.

Benigánim is located in the northeast corner of the Vall D’Albaida which is an area of great scenic beauty with a rich cultural and historical legacy. One example is the Solana, where archaeologists have discovered the remains of ancient settlements dating from the third millennium BC. Ie the period Calcolítico-Eneolítico of prehistory.

The municipality of Benigánim is bordered by the neighbouring municipalities of: Barxeta, Bellús, Quatretonda, Genovés, Xátiva, Pobla DelDuc and Sempere, all of which are also members of the province of Valencia. Walking around Benigánim the passage of time can be clearly seen in the layout of the streets and in the form of the houses. The district is the
oldest, known as the Illeta neighbourhood, with narrow and irregular streets which date from the twelfth century, when the Wazir Abu Mahomet Ben Gania received this territory and founded a new town. Later the town was retaken by the Christians in the conquest.

Monuments and places to see in Benigánim
Parish Church. Dedicated to San Miquel Archangel. From 1637, Gothic and Renaissance styles, with stones from the quarry La Pedrera located in the same municipality.
Iglesia de la Purísima Concepción and the Blessed Inès. It was built in the sixteenth century. It was raised as a new temple between 1804 and 1810 led by Pascual Riber of the jónico order. It has a cloister, cross and dome with six side chapels.
Church of the Virgin de los Desamparados. Known as the l’Ortisa Church, in memory of the person who started the building in the year 1910 Dona Leonor Ortiz. It is neo-Gothic art, with white stone carving, marble, gold and metal in its ornamentation. The facade is smooth but has a relief of stone which highlighted the Immaculate and the Blessed Inés.
Christ Church of the Holy Blood. Known as Church of Christ, located in the old part of town. Significantly, it is a mosque converted and enlarged by James I, because it has an apse and a Byzantine transept and nave style common to Churches of the Re-conquest.

Other Facts and Figures about Benigánim
Altitude 120 msnm
Distance to nearest major towns 19,8 km a Onteniente, 71,5 km a Valencia
Area of town – 33,4 km
Population – 6.150 hab. (INE 2007)
Population density – 184,13 hab./km
Predominant language – Valenciano
Postal Code – 46830
From Valencia, this location is accessed through the A-7 to link to the N-430 and access to the CV-610 toward Gandía and later with the CV-611. Can also be accessed by train with the regional Valencia-Alcoy.