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Gandia Shops and Services


Shopping and Supermarkets in Gandia

There are many shopping centres and boulevards in Gandia.

The Centre Històric of Gandia is an open, privileged and pioneer in Spain space formed by more than 500 stores specializing in fashion, jewelry, perfumery, decoration and etc. This area is concentrated around the Calle Mayor and adjacent all, pedestrian streets to improve the quality of life not only of the citizens of Gandia, but also tourists.

Visitors can enjoy shopping in a surrounded by the most famous monuments of the city modern setting, and then to take a break in the various dining options found in the area of ​​the Plaça del Prado, a unique space where they mix the best cuisine, exhibitions, entertainment and events throughout the year.

Calle Mayor is the traditional shopping area of the city. It is part of the historical centre of Gandia. This street is close to the townhall. This pedestrian street is located in the historic center of Gandia between the promenade and the old university. On the main street are major brands in apparel, footwear and accessories.

The shopping area of Argentina is located a few meters from the center, in the western part of the city. It

has more than 300 stores specializing in fashion, home, items of alternating gift with a variety of cafes and restaurants try some of the typical dishes of Gandia. This area is concentrated around Argentina, and adjacent Plaza Elíptica, in addition to all its stores, has an underground car park with more than 500 seats to facilitate the visitor a perfect afternoon shopping.

Both Grau and Gandia Beach have traditional shops such as bakeries, bakeries, butcher shops, and a wide variety of tourist souvenir shops, fashion, accessories, fishing and water sports, etc.

Note the traditional fish auction held every day at the Fish Market in Grau de Gandia. An unparalleled experience where tradition combines, the history and culture of a city.

Shopping Malls in Gandia

In addition to all shopping areas containing the city, Gandia also has a significant presence of Shopping Centers. Next to the town center have been erected large areas that offer other entertainment for both citizens and visitors. The Vital, Plaza Mayor and Myo Gandia are shopping centers that have contributed to the consolidation of Gandia as a commercial attraction and time free between the neighboring regions.

Plaza Mayor is a shopping centre between the city and the beach. It houses a number of shops, restaurants (Hollywoods American Restaurant), and a Media Markt electrical shop. The big white round roof on the top makes the building look very interesting. It is located opposite Carrefour.

Carrefour Shopping complex is a shopping centre with a large supermarket / hypermarket and petrol station.

La Vital is one of the newest shopping centres of the city. It is named from the orange juice industry that was situated there previously. The last remains of the factory is the big chimney at the entrance of the new building. The Vital is one of the largest shopping malls in Gandia in which there are numerous shops, restaurants and several theaters. ABC Cinema is the only cinema in Gandia open all year, with movies available to watch in 3D.

Centro Comercial Oasis Palace is a building at the beach with restaurants, cinemas, gymnasium, spa, hotel and a casino. At the casino visitors can play on slot machines, roulette, poker, blackjack and other card games.

Myo in the Commercial Park (City transportation) towards Oliva, several shops are also great. From sports equipment and fashion, through footwear as equipment for work and home decor is all here. Some of the shops are Leroy Merlin and Sport Forum.

Mercadona Supermarkets in Gandia

Paseo Germanías, 53
Tel: (+34) 962 86 45 61

Avenida Beniopa, 5
Tel: (+34) 962 86 34 59

Calle Benicanena, 47
Tel: (+34) 962 87 67 48

Web: www.mercadona.es

Gandia Market

The large Saturday market draws visitors from as far away as Benidorm and Valencia.

Sundays : Playa de Gandia, C / Rosa dels Vents. Every Sunday from 15 June to 15 September 17 to 22 hrs and from 16 September to 14 June from 9-14 hrs.

Saturday : Market Est Parc in Gandia, with 204 outlets, textiles, footwear, home, drugstores, flowers and plants, jewelery, hardware. every Saturday from 9 am to 14 pm

Thursday . In the morning, from 9 am to 14 pm, in the Plaza de la Marina del Grau, with 46 outlets Tuesday : Rois de Corella Zone area of the old hospital of Gandia.

Estival : Market all summer afternoons promenade Neptuno is installed in front of the Club Nautico.

English and British Shops Gandia

There are no English shops or supermarkets in Gandia. However, Carrefour does stock some English foods and brands.

The nearest English supermarkets are located 10kms to the south of Gandia in Oliva.

Services in Gandia

Satellite TV in Gandia

For reception of UK Satellite TV in Gandia (Sky TV in Gandia, Freesat TV in Gandia, and UK TV in Gandia, see “The Sat and PC Guy – Satellite TV Installations“.