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Lliria Tourist Information

Llíria (Valencian, pronounced Yeeria or Lyeeria) or Liria (Spanish) is a medium sized town off the CV35 motorway to the north of Valencia, Spain. Known as Edeta in ancient Iberian times, it is the musical capital of the region.

Location of Lliria

Llíria is the capital of the area known as Camp de Túria in the province of Valencia. It is approximately 25 km (16 miles) north-west of the city of Valencia. You get there from Valencia in just over 15 minutes on the CV35 motorway.

It sits at an altitude of 164m (530′). The population in 2006 totalled approximately 21,500. The traditional economy is based on agriculture, but industries such as textiles, construction materials, plastics, and furniture are becoming increasingly important.

The city is at the end of the Valencia’s metro train system.

Lliria metro station is at the end of Valencia metro’s Line 1 (the yellow line). Journey time to the centre of Valencia is about 40 minutes and typical frequency is twice an hour. Service will improve when a project to double track the route from Valencia is finished. There are plans to move the station nearer to the centre of the Lliria.

Construction of a new general hospital in Lliria began in 2007.

Fiestas in Lliria

The local Fiestas are Romería of San Vicente Ferrer (29 April), and Saint Michael (29 September).


The city has about 21,500 residents (2006) of which some 16,500 live in the city centre and 5,000 live in surrounding residential estates. Llíria and the surrounding area has one of fastest rates of population growth in the entire nation. Outside of the city centre there are few sewage systems and practically no residential streets are paved or illuminated. Utility services are struggling to keep up with largely unplanned growth. Sedesa SA has been given approval to
construct a golf course with a hotel and luxury housing on a site some three kilometres to the north-east of the city. Work on the development was expected to begin in 2007, but now seem to have been suspended following the economic downturn. The largest immigrant communities are from Morocco (434), Romania (344) and the United Kingdom (323).

Languages in Lliria

Both Spanish and Valencian are spoken in the town; however, the number speaking Valencian in their homes is steadily decreasing as the town is slowly absorbed into the Spanish-speaking conurbation of Valencia.

Ayuntamiento de Llíria
Plaza Mayor, 1
46160 Llíria
Tel: 962798282
Fax : 962790796