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Oliva Train Station


Oliva Train Station

Oliva used to have a train station.

Oliva train station was located in the on the edge of the town,

Oliva train station was located where Mas Y Mas and Mercadona supermarkets are located today along the main “paseo”.

Oliva train station

Oliva train station was part of the narrow guage railway line that connected Carcaixent to Denia. It included train stations in Tavernes, Xeraco, Xeresa, Gandia, Oliva, Molinell and Vergel.


In the late 1960´s  Spanish railway company RENFE decided to connect Gandia to Cullera instead and the line from Gandia to Carcaixent was discontinued.


However due to the costs of the line upgrades, the line was terminated at Gandia, and was not continued onto Oliva and Denia.


This means that there was no railway line connecting Oliva to either Gandia or Denia.

The nearest train station is Gandia Train Station. This links Gandia to Valencia with regular trains throughout the day.

As the train only goes as far as Gandia, to get to Oliva there are regular bus lines to Oliva during the whole day.

Over recent years there have been plans announced to extent the line from Gandia first to Oliva and then to Denia, using as much of the original path as possible. However, due to arguments over costs and route around Oliva this seems to be an ongoing situation which will take some time before any constructions starts.

Some plans have been to extent the “Tram” line, that connects Denia to Alicante. This would be done under two stages.

Stage 1 covers Gandia to Oliva, a 10.19 kilometres single line section of track, with trains capable of travelling at between 100 and 140 kilometres per hour, with new stations at Gandia Hospital, Bellreguard and, provisionally, Oliva.

Stage 2 is from Oliva to Dénia, including the excavation of the routes in Oliva, and a 23.91 kilometre single line section, speeds the same as in stage 1, with new stations built at Oliva, El Verger, Ondara and an intermodal station in Dénia.