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Oliva Weather


Oliva Weather Forecasts and Temperatures

A selection of current weather conditions and weather forecasts for and including updated five day weather forecasts for Oliva Costa Blanca.

As you would expect from a town on the Costa Blanca, the weather and climate in Oliva is excellent. Generally the Costa Blanca, Spain and enjoys more than 2,800 hours of sunshine each year with an average annual temperature of 19.3 degrees Celsius.

Oliva has become a popular tourist destination for sun lovers because the weather and climate in Oliva is so favourable. In average Oliva enjoys approximately 325 sunny days each year.

Summer Weather in Oliva

The weather in summer in Oliva, and most of the Costa Blanca, is generally very hot. There is little or no rainfall. Temperatures in the summer in Oliva will be between 25 to 35 degrees Celsius during the day. In August the weather in Oliva can reach 40 degrees Celsius or more.

At night, temperatures in Oliva rarely drop below 15 – 20 degrees Celsius.

Wear a high sun cream factor if you are on beaches, and it may be an idea to keep out of the sun between 12 oclock and 3 oclock when it is at its hottest.

Winter Weather in Oliva

Winter days in Oliva are generally clear and sunny. The temperatures can vary greatly in winter. It can be over 20 degrees Celsius one day and then the next day it can be 6 degrees Celsius and feel very cold. Obviously it tends to be cold when in the shade.

Although it does not tend to rain much in Oliva, you may want to be careful in the October and November time of the year. October and November is the time of the ‘Gota Fria’, which is a period of torrential rain and storms and flooding. The Gota Fria happens due to the cooling effects of the land and sea after the hot summer. These
storms and amount of rainfall can also have a disastrous effect on the beaches on the Costa Blanca. The Gota Fria is a sudden drop in the mercury and heavy frequent downpours which have been known to cause flooding in the past