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Rotova Tourist Information

Rotova is a municipality in the Provinces of Valencia , the autonomous community of Spains autonomous region of Valencia.

Ròtova is located inside the region of “La Safor” in the basin of the Vernisa river, close to Gandia and Onteniente, 80 Km away to the city of Valencia. Several and important archaeological sites as the White Gully (Barranco Blanco), Hole Hot Air ( Agujero del Aire Caliente), etc. prove the human presence in the area since the Palaeolithic, and in the Red Rock (Peña Roja) has been found the oldest human presence of the region.

Ayuntamiento de Rótova / Ajuntament de Ròtova (Rotova Town Hall)
Carrer Major nº2. 46725 Ròtova, Comunidad Valenciana, España. Tel: 962 957 011

Places to see in Rotova
Church of Sant Bartomeu Apòstol.
Palace of the Counts of Ròtova.
Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba, constructed between the 15th and 18th centuries.