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Valencia Food


Valencia Food

Paella valenciana
Spanish rice cooked with chicken (and / or rabbit), sweet pepper, tomatoes, green beans, olive oil, saffron, and sometimes artichokes and peas.

Paella marinera
Spanish rice cooked with mussels, calamares, shrimp, lobster, clams, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, saffron- plus any other shellfish that the cook feels like throwing in.

Arroz a banda
Rice dish stewed in fish stock, then served separately from the seafood used to give it its distinctive taste.

Arroz negra
Rice dish featuring seasoned squid cooked in its own ink.

Arroz al horno
Baked rice dish with beans, sausage, vegetables and potatoes.

Arroz con costra
Rice dish covered with a baked egg crust

A sauce made essentially of garlic and oil and served along with anything: meat, potatoes, fish, rise dishes, etc.

Fideau is essentially the same as paella, the difference being that this dish is made with noodles instead of rice.

All i pebre
Eels fried in oil, paprika, and garlic.

Suquet de peix
stew of eels, potatoes, garlic, and fish

Grilled vegetables
Grilled fresh vegetables simply brushed with oil and garlic.

Salmueros and salazones
Dried and salted fish and roe.

Pork stew.