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Valencia Hospitals


Hospitals in Valencia

Hospital Clínico
Av Blasco Ibáñez 17
Tel: 963 862 600

Hospital Dr. Pesset
Av Gaspar Aguilar 90
Tel: 963 862 500

Hospital La Fe
Av de Campanar 21
Tel: 963 862 700

Regional Arnau de Vilanova
Calle Sant Climent 26
Tel: 963 868 576

When visiting any Spanish city, you may find yourself wondering whether Spain is full of hypochondriacs- there are pharmacies on literally every street corner! For those nights when an unexpected headache decides to attack, any Spanish city has various 24-hour pharmacies – called Farmacias de Guardia – in addition to the seemingly hundreds of normal pharmacies.You can seek out the nearest pharmacy by calling Spain’s toll-free pharmacy information and locator telephone number, 900 17 17 27. Otherwise, jot down the following addresses of some of Valencia’s Farmacias de Guardia:

-c/ Convento Jerusalén, 22

-c/ Marqués del Turia, 31

-c/ San Vicente, 107

-c/ Puerto, 33

-c/ Don Juan de Austria, 30

-c/ Profesor Beltrán Báguena, 8

-c/ Baleares, 45

-c/ Virgen, 8

-c/ Reino de Valencia, 85

-c/ Marqués del Turia, 55

-c/ Doctor Manuel Candela, 6 izqda

-c/ Menéndez y Pelayo, 29

-c/ Virgen de la Fuensanta, 16

-c/ Cortes Valencianas, 48

-c/ Cortes Valencianas, 37<

In the event that you need hospital attention, there are hospitals, medical centers and clinics dispersed throughout the inner city as well as around the periphery- below you’ll find a list of a few of them. When in doubt, call up the 24-hour Health Care Hotline- 900 16 16 61 – for more information on where to go and what to do.

Clínica Virgen del Consuelo
c/ Callosa d’en Sarrià, 12
Tlf: 963 17 78 70

Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia
Avda. Blasco Ibáñez, 17
Tlf: 963 86 26 00

Hospital Casa de Salud
c/ Dr. Manuel Candela, 41
Tlf: 963 89 70 00

Hospital 9 de Octubre
c/ Valle de la Ballestersa, 59
Tlf: 963 17 91 00

Hospital Valencia al Mar
c/ Río Tajo, 1
Tlf: 963 35 25 00

Hospital la Malvarrosa
c/ Isabel de Villena, 2
Tlf: 963 98 99 00

Hospital Universitario La Fe
c/ Campanar, 21
Tlf: 963 86 27 00


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