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Valencia Restaurants


Valencia Restaurants

There is a good selection of restaurants on offer in Valencia.

Sargantana Valencia
Llano de zaidia,16
46009 Valencia (valencia)
Phone number 963384833
Web www.sargantanarestaurant.com

Restaurante Xeroma, Valencia
plaza mayor 11, Port Saplaya
46120 Alboraia (Valencia)
Mobile 653316697
Web www.xeroma.com

Restaurante Riff
Conde de Altea, 18
Phone 96 333 53 53

Restaurante La Cocina Gallega
C/ Joaquín Ballester, 13
46009 Valencia
Mobile 675653997

Restaurante Rías Gallegas
Cirilo Amorós, 4
Phone 96 351 21 25

Restaurante Viva México
C/ Correjería, 28
Phone 963 19 00 20 – 963 15 52 50
Web www.ehtvalencia.com

Restaurante la Pappardella
Bordadores, 5 bajo
Phone 96 391 89 15

Restaurante Assaggi
Conde de Altea, 26

Avda Alfahuir ,47
Phone 963650493

Gran Muralla China

Restaurante Aljuzama: sabores exóticos
Plaza Xuquer n 10
46021 Valencia (Valencia)
Phone 963 692978
Mobile 675 502983
Web www.aljuzama.com

Asador Restaurante Pipoll
Convento San Francisco, 3
(Junto A Ayuntamiento)
Phone 963 941 110

Restaurante árabe Balansiya

calle Castellon nº5
46910 Alfafar
Phone 963 964534

Asador de Aranda
Felix Pizcueta, 9
Phone 96 3529791

La Rosa
Paseo de Neptuno, 70

Marisquería Casa Ramón
Borrull, 30 -32
Phone 963915024

La Perla
Pg. Neptú, 24 Valencia
Phone 963717767

Marisquerías Civera
C/ Lérida, 11 Y 13
Valencia Phone 963 475 917
Web ww.marisqueriascivera.com

Restaurante Los Madriles
Avenida Antiguo Reino de Valencia, 50
Phone 96 374 23 35

Calle cerrajeros 17
Tel: 96 155 040
Nearest Metro:
L2 – Mercat

Carpe Diem
C/ Martinez Cubells, 4
Tel: 96 342 7780
Opening Times:
Every day 9am-12.30am non stop

Mediterranean Cuisine and Valencia Specialities

Don Salvatore
C/ Conde Altea 41
Tel: 963 341 304
Opening Times:
Mon – Sun 12pm – 4pm, 8pm – 12am

El Gantxo
Lt. Azorin 4
Tel: 96 328 5548
Opening Times:
Mon-Fri 10am-12am, Sat-Sun
Irish owned restaurant in Ruzafa

El México de María
C/Denia 20
Tel: 96 332 80 78
Nearest Metro:
L1,L2&L5 – Alacant; L5 – Russafa
Opening Times:
Tuedays & Sundays 8pm-close
Wednesdays-Saturdays 12.30pm-4.30pm, 8pm-close
Delicious authentic Mexican cuisine such as tacos zatecanos, meat enchiladas, huitlacoche quesadillas, the popular mole poblano, or arrachera with beans. There is a also a good variety of beers, tequilas and cocktails to choose from. Midday menu avalaibl

C/ Los Borja, 3 (off C/ Caballeros)
Tel: 96 392 5899
Nearest Metro:
L 3,5 Colon
Opening Times:
Tue-Sat lunch served 2pm-3.30pm,
dinner from 8.30pm-11.30pm
El Gregal’s stylish and innovative interior

C/Juristas 12
Tel: 96 392 34 22
Nearest Metro:
L2 – Mercat
Opening Times:
Mo-Sun 1pm-12am
Macrobiotic Vegan Food in the Heart of Valencia

La Fonda
Plaza de la Reina 11
Tel: 963 922 806
Paella restaurant in the centre of Valencia

La Lola
Subida del Toledano 8
Tel: 96 391 8045
Opening Times:
Mon-Sun 2pm-4.30pm, 9pm-1.30am
Market Cuisine and Live Flamenco Shows near Cathedral

Manga Sushi Bar
C/ Conde Altea 13
Opening Times:
Mon – Sat 1.30pm – 3.30pm,
8.30pm – 11pm
Creative and healthy oriental cuisine

C/Corregeria 37
46001 – Valencia
Tel: 96 392 3174
Nearest Metro:
L2 – Mercat
Opening Times:
Mon-sun 2pm-5pm, 8.30pm-12am Tue evening closed
This welcoming restaurantprepares original and creative Italian and Japanese specialities

c/ Catalans 8
Tel: 96 315 5975
Opening Times:
Tue-Sat lunch served 2pm-3.30pm,
dinner from 8.30pm-11pm
High quality market cuisine in an exclusive restaurant

Colegio Mayor Galileo GalileiAv. Naranjos
Tel: 96 338 7998
Nearest Metro:
L4&L6 – Tarongers
Opening Times:
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Miobio is Valencia's first take away to offer healthy, natural foods.

Orient Xpress
C/ Roteros 12
(next to Torres de Serrano)
Tel: 96 306 5166
Opening Times:
12pm – 12am every day
Cosmopolitan Japanese/ Asian Noodle Bar

Patio De Saribra
Calle Juristas 5
Tel: 96 391 9315
Nearest Metro:
L 3,5 Colon
Opening Times:
Tue – Thur 8am-5pm0Fri-Sat 8am-5pm, 9pm-close
A lovely folk andalusian restaurant with live Flamenco singing and dancing every 2nd and last Saturday of the month

Social 22
C/ Zurradores, 7
Tel: 96 392 14 43
Opening Times:
Tue-Sun 1pm-4.30pm, 8pm-12am
Mediterranean Modern Traditional Cuisine in Valencia

Rías Gallegas
Address: C/ Cirilo Amorós, 4
Galician restaurant with exceptionally high quality seafood transported down from the Atlantic coast. The Daily recommendations should be considered. Specialities include fine pasta with “zamburiñas”, anglerfish with squid and gin butter, curd with sugar ice-cream. Excellent wine selection. Closed on Sundays and in August. Expensive.

Address: C/ Lerida, 11
Very popular seafood restaurant frequented mainly by Valencianos attracted by excellent quality cuisine. Probably the city’s top seafood spot. The fish baked in salt (a la sal) comes highly recommended. It closes on Sunday nights and Mondays, at Easter and in August. Expensive.

Address: C/ Navarro Reverter, 18
Valencian restaurant offering imaginitive regional specialities such as grilled cod with green peppers. Quaint setting in a 1910 townhouse. Closed Sundays, Easter and August. No dinner on Sundays. Expensive.

El Plat
Address:C/ Ciscar, 3
Locally renowned as the King of Paellas, this moderately priced restaurant offers a variation on the classic paella valenciana. It is closed on Mondays and there is no dinner on Sundays.

La Riua
Address:C/ del Mar, 27
This great value restaurant is the place to head for to enjoy authentic Valencian rice dishes. The paella valenciana is obviously the most popuar dish amongst visitors, but also worth a mention are the fideuá (paella with noodles instead of rice) and the fresh fish dishes cooked with garlic and pepper (all i pebre). Closed Mondays, at Easter and in August.

El Paso
Address:Calle Conde de Altea 53
This wild west theme restaurant offers a great selection of dishes which include typical Spanish tapas, delicious Tex Mex meals and a selection of sandwiches. Staff speak English and French.

Plaza de la Reina, 19
Tel: (+34) 96 391 0503
Finnigan’s is a very cozy Irish pub situated in the Plaza de la Reina. It offers a variety of drinks which of course include the famous Guinness and other Irish beers.

Plaza de la Reina, 19
Tel: (+34) 96 392 4185
Vintara’s has the best of both worlds. It’s in a great location and has a terrific atmosphere and good menu. The tapas bar is at the front of the restaurant and at the back is a very cosy candle-lit restaurant. We enjoyed a tasty paella one lunch time whilst watching a very young Nadal playing tennis.

La Pappardella
C/ Bordadores, 5
Tel: +34 96 391 8915
This lovely Italian restaurant is situated in the Old Quarter of Valencia close to the Cathedral. Set over two floors with an upstairs terrace the restaurants offers an excellent selection of Italian dishes in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Foster’s Hollywood
Plaza del Ayuntamiento
This is a modern cafe/bar in the center of Valencia situated on two floors, overlooking Plaza del Ayuntamiento. With an assortment of sandwiches, salads and burgers so great for snacks at any time of the day.

Los Toneles
Ribera 17
Los Toneles is one of the most popular Valencia restaurants which has been going strong for around 60 years. Directly opposite the bull ring with fast service and just a stones throw away from Estacion del Norte.

Orient Express Noodle Bar
Calle Roteras, 12 (Next to Torres de Serranos)
The location is great as it’s in the trendy area of Barrio del Carmen and was the first Noodle Bar in Valencia. Japanese and South Eastern Asian food at excellent prices – open all day from midday to midnight.

La Lola Restaurant Valencia
Calle Subida Toledà 8
Tel: +34 96 391 8045
La Lola is a restaurant situated in a tiny little passage, close to the Cathedral and just off Plaza de la Virgen. If you feel like something a bit upmarket then this is the place to go. There’s also a lunch time menu and on some days flamenco – Reservations are required.

Plaza Vicence Ivorra 3 (parallel to Calle Quart)
Tel: +34 96 326 0891
The restaurant is in the center of the historic quarter in Barrio del Carmen. Serves grilled meats, lamb and traditional rice dishes for between €9-€17 for the three-course menu del dia. Other menus are from 22€, 26€,30€ and 40€

Civera Centro
C/ Mossén Femades, 10 , 46002 Valencia
Tel: +34 96 352 9764
Very popular fish and seafood restaurant serving great paella and also has a terrace which is great for those hot summer days and nights in Valencia – Approx 40 – 60 euros

La Pepica
Paseo Neptuno, 2 / Tel: +34 96 371 0366
La Pepica is one of the best paella restaurants in Valencia. When it was relatively unknown, it was one of Hemingway’s favorite places to eat . With amazing food and views of the Mediterranean sea it’s easy to understand why so many people enjoy it here.

La Lonja del Pescado Frito
Calle Eugenia Vines, 243
Valencia 46011 (El Cabanyal)
Tel: +34 96 355 35 35
Very popular and affordable fish restaurant not far from the beach in Cabanyal with a good selection of fish and shellfish and paella.

La Marcelina
Paseo de Neptuno, 8
Tel: +34 96 371 20 25

Sol i Lluna
Calle del Mar, 29
Tel: +34 96 292 22 16

La Perla
Av. Neptuno, 24
Tel: +34 96 371 77 67

c/ Doctor Sumsi, 4
Tlf: 963 73 29 49
Go here for: Torrijos boasts a creative, modern – though slightly expensive – spin on Spanish cuisine.

Restaurante La Marcelina
Paseo de Neptuno, 8
Tlf: 963 71 20 25
Go here for: With a great view of the Mediterranean Sea, La Marcelina has been serving up Valencia’s most traditional dishes – naturally paella is a top seller – since 1888.

Sol i Lluna
c/ del Mar, 29
Tlf: 962 92 22 16
Go here for: Sol i Lluna is a modern, eclectically lit restaurant with creative gourmet tapas and, on weekends, a busy atmosphere fueled by dance music.

La Lluna
c/ Sant Ramón, 23
Tlf: 963 92 21 46
Go here for: With “La Huerta” providing the city with a vast array of fresh produce, vegetarian restaurant La Lluna offers great variety and an inexpensive menú del día at just €6.00.

Restaurante Submarino
Oceanogràfic (in the City of Arts and Sciences)
Tlf: 961 97 55 65
Go here for: Located in the aquarium of the City of Arts and Sciences, Restaurante Submarino is a circular restaurant which instead of wallpaper is surrounded by a giant aquarium filled with over 1,000 fish. The restaurant itself has superb food- especially its seafood and rice dishes.

El Rall
c/ Tundidores, 2
Tlf: 963 92 20 90
Go here for: Served primarily outdoors in a small square, El Rall is known for its paella (2-person minimum) and seafood.

La Pepica
Paseo Neptuno, 16
Tlf: 963 71 03 66
Go here for: A former favorite of author and Spain-fanatic Ernest Hemingway, La Pepica is larger and more expensive than its neighboring restaurants, but it’s worth it. The food – especially the seafood and the rice dishes – and the walls are plastered with photos and tributes.

La Lonja del Pescado Frito
c/ Eugenia Viñes, 243
Tlf: 963 55 35 35
Go here for: While it doesn’t look like much more than a glorified tin hut, La Lonja del Pescado Frito is absolutely unbeatable for straight-from-the-sea fresh fish.

c/ Conde Almodóvar, 4
Tlf: 963 92 40 00
Go here for: A local favorite, Seu-Xerea’s constantly changing à la carte menu offers international and national dishes with a creative touch. A “menú del día” costs about €14.00.

Las Cuevas
c/ Samaniego, 9
Tlf: 963 91 71 96
Go here for: Appropriately named “The Caves,” Las Cuevas is a low-ceilinged, semi-basement restaurant famous for its lost list of diverse tapas.

Restaurante El Generalife
c/ Caballeros, 5
Tlf: 963 91 78 99
Go here for: Restaurante El Generalife boasts imaginative national and regional dishes and a “menú del día” for €9.00.

Palacio de la Bellota
c/ Mosén Femades, 17
Tlf: 963 51 53 61
Go here for: An upscale seafood restaurant.

Civera Centro
c/ Mosén Femades, 10
Tlf: 963 52 97 64
Go here for: An upscale seafood restaurant

c/ Sorní, 35
Tlf: 963 95 10 05
Go here for: Stylish Albacar serves up equally stylish, modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Bar Almudín
c/ Almudín, 14
Go here for: While you can eat a full meal in the Almudín, it’s best known for its delicious seafood tapas.

Bar Amorós
c/ en Llop, 3
Go here for: Specializing in seafood tapas for over 70 years, Bar Amorós’ offerings are not only fantastic but also fantastically inexpensive!

Bar Cánovas
Plaza Cánovas Castillo
Go here for: Known as one of Valencia’s best tapas bars, it also serves typical Valencian meals and has a menú for just €5.40.

Bar Glorieta
Plaza Alfonso Magnánimo
Go here for: A large, old bar with great tapas and a genuine Valencian feel to it.

Bar Pilar
c/ Moro Zeit
Go here for: Bar Pilar is one of Valencia’s most traditional places to hit up for fresh “mejillones” (mussles). The mussels come in a piquant sauce and you can just chuck the shells into the buckets under the bar as you go.

La Riua
c/ del Mar, 27
Go here for: La Riua’s highlights are without a doubt its home-made paella and fideuá.


Restaurante Japonés Ao Yama
c/ Joaquín Costa, 3
Tlf: 963 74 89 43

Yi Restaurante Asiático
c/ Antonio Suárez, 15
Tlf: 963 37 48 58


Restaurante Libanés Beirut
c/ Conde de Altea, 39
Tlf: 963 74 59 05


Xin – Fheng
c/ Alboraya, 50
Tlf: 963 60 56 43

Gran Muralla
Plaza Porte de la Mar
Tlf: 963 94 38 88


c/ Cádiz, 27
Tlf: 963 80 31 36

Salsa Habana II
Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 142
Tlf: 963 72 57 71

Chef Macuine
Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 24
Tlf: 963 61 55 56


c/ Conde de Altea, 60
Tlf: 963 74 84 24

Trattoría Napoletana Da Carlo
c/ Doctor Manuel Candela, 79
Tlf: 963 93 55 62

La Pappardella
c/ Bordadores, 5
Tlf: 963 91 89 15

Vincenzo Restaurante
c/ Guillem de Castro, 108
Tlf: 963 92 23 67

Pizzería Dante
c/ Calatrava, 4
Tlf: 963 91 70 75

La Mamma
c/ Caballeros, 27
Tlf: 963 91 70 26


Viva Mexico
c/ Corregería, 28
Tlf: 963 15 52 50

El Coyote
c/ Joaquín Costa, 27
Tlf: 963 34 29 07

Cantina Mariachi
c/ Almirante Cadarso, 3
Tlf: 963 33 98 94


Restaurante Norte
c/ Nuestra Señora de Gracia, 8
Tlf: 963 57 11 50

La Pampa
c/ Eugenia Viñes, 111
Tlf: 963 562 127

Nobleza Gaucha
Paseo de la Alameda, 31
Tlf: 963 37 00 79

Berretin de Buenos Aires
c/ Bailén, 42
Tlf: 963 44 95 59

Bar Gaviota
c/ Pelayo 21
Go here for: Good tapas and one of the best inexpensive “menús del día” in the area.

Bar Todo a Cien
c/ Bailén, 42
Situated just next to the train station, Bar Todo a Cien serves up tapas for only €0.65 each, while a full “menú del día” will cost you just €4.80.

Bodega Montaña
c/ José Benlliure, 69
Tlf: 963 67 23 14
Go here for: Great and varied tapas; anchovies, cheese, sausage, sardines, and cod meatballs are popular picks.

c/ San Vicente Mártir, 6
Go here for: An atmospheric tapas bar in which you take your pick form a selection of tapas served on baguette slices. Each tapa has a small cocktail stick in it; when you’re just, just bring up your cocktail sticks and the bartender will count them and charge just €1.00 for each tapa.

Al Pomodoro
c/ del Mar, 22
Go here for: With pizzas starting at €5.00, this pizzeria is extremely affordable.

c/ Conde de Almodóvar, 4
Tlf: 963 91 21 77
Go here for: A favorite – especially amongst the young crowd – S’Horabaixa is a laid-back eatery serving anything from typical Spanish cheese and sausage to salads and sandwiches.

Bar Cánovas
Plaza Cánovas Castillo
Go here for: Known as one of Valencia’s best tapas bars, it also serves typical Valencian meals and has a menú for just €5.40.

Art i Co
c/ de Arolas
Tlf: 963 91 08 57
Go here for: With a pleasant, laid-back atmosphere, this Valencia café is of the artsy variety with occasional live music and exhibitions.

Cafetería Glorieta
Plaza Alfonso Magnánimo, 3
Tlf: 963 94 48 41
Go here for: Cafetería Glorieta is a local classic. With its genuine Valencian feel, sipping on a hot beverage or nibbling on a pastry in this locale is like being transported back to another epoch.

Chocolatería Valor
Plaza de la Reina, 20
Tlf: 963 15 21 98
Go here for: Founded in 1881, Chocolatería Valor specializes in all things chocolate. So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, make your way here for hot chocolate, chocolate fondue, chocolate and churros, chocolate cakes…

Zumería Naturalia
c/ del Mar, 12
Tlf: 963 91 12 11
Go here for: Both fun and cozy, relax in wicker chairs while sipping on an oversized goblet of one of the Zumería’s 40 different blended juices. If you’re just passing through, you can also get your juice to-go in a plastic cup.

c/ Estameñeria Vieja, 9
Go here for: With jazz and blues music setting the mood, laid-back Malaluna is the ideal locale for a relaxing chat over a steaming cup of “café.”

Chocolatería Santa Catalina
Plaza de Santa Catalina
Tlf: 963 91 23 79
Go here for: One of Valencia’s classic local favorites, Santa Catalina specializes in all sorts of tasty drinks and confections, including the ever-famous Valencian “horchata de chufas”- a frothy summer refreshment made from tiger nuts.

Santa Lucía
c/ Hospital, 16
Go here for: Perfect for an afternoon snack – called a “merienda” – Santa Lucía’s claim to fame is its baked goods.

Sant Jaume
c/ Caballeros, 51
Tlf: 963 91 24 01
Go here for: Situated in a former traditional pharmacy, you can sit inside or out on this welcoming café’s terrace.