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Valencia Theaters


Valencia Theaters

The city’s diverse performing arts scene is just one more reflection of this inherent quality of Valencia. Check out the ultra-modern architecture of the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía before taking in a top-notch opera performance, enjoy a musical and scope out the original wooden boxes in the Teatro Principal – Valencia’s oldest theater- or revel in the authentic Valencian vibe of the Moderniste Teatro Talia, once the theater of the working class. Below are just a few of Valencia’s most popular theater venues- check them out to see what’s on!

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía
City of Arts and Sciences
Autopista del Saler, 1
Tlf: 963 16 37 37
Go here for: Opera, ballet, orchestra, experimental theater

Teatro Principal
c/ Barcas, 15
Tlf: 963 53 92 00
Go here for: Theater, musicals, opera

Teatro Rialto
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 17
Tlf: 963 53 93 00
Go here for: Valencian, national and international theater companies; various genres

Sala Moratín
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 17
Tlf: 963 53 93 00
Go here for: Avant-Garde and experimental theater

Teatro Olympia
c/ San Vicente Mártir, 44
Tlf: 963 51 73 15
Go here for: Various genres: traditional, modern, musicals, operas, classical theater, etc.

Espai Moma
c/ Platero Suárez, 11
Tlf: 963 65 49 20
Go here for: Independent and contemporary plays

Teatro Talia
c/ Caballeros, 31
Tlf: 963 91 29 20
Go here for: Musicals, classical theater

c/ Guillem de Castro, 73
Tlf: 963 92 07 86
Go here for: Avant-garde and independent theater

Teatro Escalante
c/ Landerer, 5
Tlf: 963 91 24 42
Go here for: Productions for children and families