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Xativa Fiestas


Fiestas in Xativa. Xativa Fiestas. Xativa Tourist Information

It is the tradition of festivals and fiestas which really makes Xativa special.
Most months one parish or another in the City will celebrate their Saints Day,
with street parties, fireworks and music. And the whole City takes to the
streets for the big events.

Fallas Fiestas
15-19 March
Processions, parties, great bonfires of giant satirical statues, bands and
massive fireworks)

With processions on the days up to Good Friday, when everyone turns out

Corpus Christi Fiestas
around 13 June

Xativa Annual Fira / Fair
15 to 20 August.

The Feria, or Fira D’Agost takes place during the third week of August and is said to date back to 1250 when Jaume I granted permission for the event to take place. The feria was originally held within the castle walls and was created to help facilitate the trade of animals, agricultural produce and associated other goods which helped further cement Xativas place as the area’s centre of commerce.
This includes concerts, plays and exhibitions, as well as street markets, street
music, agricultural displays, bull fights and barrages of fireworks. Summertime
is the time for the Fira d'Agost celebrations, these festivities bring to Xátiva
a multitude of traditional and playful acts such as shooting contests,
bullfights and "albaes". The inhabitants have celebrated these festivities since
1250. Progression through the years has introduced new events in the festive
programme in which there are fireworks, sporting competitions and concerts by
popular singers of the moment.

Procession of the Three Kings on 6 Jan.

Xàtiva – Fira de D´Agost – Xativa August Fair

Xàtiva celebrates its Fira d’Agost ( August Fair ) from 15 to 20 August.

Its origins go back to the era of king Jaime I El Conquistador, who on August
18th, 1250, allowed the population to hold a market and a fair every year. 750
years have gone by and this important cultural and historical event is still
being celebrated. The Fira d’Agost of Xàtiva, which coincides with the Festivity
of the Assumption of the Virgin, is one of the oldest festivities in the Region
of Valencia. It was also declared a festivity of National Tourist Interest.

In the beginning, the fair consisted of a space for commercial exchange and
farming utensils and animal trade. The animal trade became the traditional Fira
del Bestiar (livestock fair),which still takes place on the fair’s first three
days, with its own space and with deeply-rooted competitions such as shooting
and dragging. However, the fair incorporated other activities and merchandise
stalls as a result of the progressive influx of people from other villages of
the Region of Valencia. They arrived in search of utensils difficult to find in
their own towns and to have a fun journey.

Today, the fair is extended along the Paseo de la Alameda, from Plaza de la
Bassa to the Jardín del Beso, and its commercial activities take place in a
space of 50, 000 square metres, taken up by the fair, cattle, agriculture,
commerce and attractions. During the fair days festive and cultural activities
take place. These include dances and the singing of albades (traditional songs),
theatre representations, concerts-Amaral and David Bustamente-, the famous Bull
Fair , in which the best know matadors participate, also, fire works contests,
shows for children, street shows and many other events. Sport competitions are
also held, including a motorcycle race which, after fifty years running, is
considered to be the oldest urban circuit race in Spain. The bicycle race is
also noteworthy.

Spain has many public holidays and you will find a large majority of shops and public buildings closed on these dates.

1 January 2014 (Wed) New Year’s Day National
6 January 2014 (Mon) Epiphany National
19 March 2014 (Wed) St Joseph’s Day Regional Holiday
18 April 2014 (Fri) Good Friday National
21 April 2014 (Mon) Easter Monday Regional Holiday
1 May 2014 (Thu) Labour Day/May Day National
15 August 2014 (Fri) Assumption National
9 October 2014 (Thu) Valencia Day Regional Holiday
12 October 2014 (Sun) National Day National
1 November 2014 (Sat) All Saints’ Day National
6 December 2014 (Sat) Constitution Day National
8 December 2014 (Mon) Immaculate Conception National
25 December 2014 (Thu) Christmas Day National