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Terra Mitica Theme Park Benidorm


Terra Mitica Theme Park Benidorm Costa Blanca Spain

Terra Mitica Theme Park Benidorm

Terra Mitica is a theme park near the holiday resort of Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Terra Mitica theme park is divided into 5 themed zones; Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia (Old zone of Spain and Portugal) and the Islands (of the Mediterranean).


Terra Mitica History

In 2001, a year after the park opened its doors, Paramount entered into an agreement to manage Terra Mitica. The park was branded as a Paramount Park for the following season. Paramount managed the park until just after it filed for the Spanish equivalent of bankruptcy protection from its creditors. Since then the park has been operating independently. Terra Mítica emerged from temporary receivership in 2006, after restructuring its expenses, reducing labour costs, and cancelling debt through the sale of excess park land. After generating, on average, a negative operating profit of 8 million € per year from its inception, Terra Mítica has produced positive EBITDA since 2006.

For the 2008 season, Terra Mítica did not install any new attractions but added a new free access area including major branded food chains and shops as well as an outdoor adventure park. Plans for the 2009 season include the addition to shopping outlets adjacent to the Iberian section of the park. A hotel is also planned to be built by Ortiz Hijos in the area just behind the Egypt section of the park.

In 2010, it was announced that Terra Mitica would be operated by a new owner with a multi year lease. The new owner of Terra Mitica also operates some other attractions in and around Benidorm, including Aqulandia water park.

How to get to Terra Mitica Theme Parks Benidorm

Location map of Terra Mitica

Terra Mitica is located near the Costa Blanca resort of Benidorm, located in the middle of the Mediterranean coast 43 km. from Alicante, 465 km from Madrid. 483 km from Barcelona, 650 km from Valladolid and 627 km from Seville.

By Car – Direct exit, nr. 65A from the motorway A7 to Terra Mitica, all the infrastructures have been improved.

The road communications are excellent: N-332, N-340, N-330 and the motorway A7 with direct exit to Terra Mitica

Terra Mitica is close to nearby airports: El Altet in Alicante, 55km distance; and Manises in Valencia, 140km

The Valencian Region railway service that joins Denia and Alicante, passes by Terra Mitica. For Terra Mitica, stop at the Benidorm train station.

Perhaps the best way to arrive is catching the RENFE train to Alicante and take there the F.G.V. train.

Map of Terra Mitica Theme Park (2009)

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map of terra mitica benidorm

Terra Mitica is divided into 5 themed zones; Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia (Old zone of Spain and Portugal) and the Islands (of the Mediterranean).

Egypt – The mysteries of the Pharaohs

This area is influenced by ancient Egyptian culture and artefacts. Enter ancient Egypt, where its lands are bathed by the Nile. Where music and dance are all around. Where monuments hide great secrets, “El Misterio de Keops”, where the Sphinx always keeps watch, where crowds gather at the port of Alexandria and merchants stroll through the great bazaars. Slide down the thrilling waterfalls of the Nile, at “Las Cataratas del Nilo”.

Greece – Olympic emotions and the will of Athens

This area is influenced by ancient Greek culture and mythology. An exciting journey through the millenary Greek legends. You will discover the essence of the Olympic spirit in “El Tearto de Olimpia” and admire the bravery of the Trojans. The fury of the Triton will splash on you in “La Furia de Triton”, and you will feel the wrath of the Minotaur in “El Laberinto del Minotauro”.

Rome – The most spectacular Empire

This area is influenced by ancient Roman culture and history. Cross the Merida bridge and see the great Roman fortress ruled by legionnaires loyal to Ceasar. Experience the thrill of a vertical drop on “El Vuelo del Fenix”. Feel the excitement of a high speed ride on “Magnus Colossus”, the largest wooden roller-coaster on the Mediterranean. In every street and every corner you will feel the greatness of a civilisation that once ruled the world.

Iberia – The near shore

This area is influenced by ancient Iberian culture and life. A warm and welcoming land. The cheerful nature of its settlers, the hustle and bustle of its streets, the colour, the fiestas and traditions all come together in Iberia, our land. Sail the seas aboard mythical boats. Wait for the train at “Tren Bravo” station looking out for its arrival. Face and feel the rage of Red Beard and his horde of pirates, in “Barbarroja”.

The Islands – The refreshing zone of joy

This area is also influenced by the ancient Mediterranean cultures and history. At the centre of Terra Mitica, lays the island of the great lake. You will enjoy here a great voyage packed with heroic deeds and legends, fighting alongside Telemachus to rescue his father in “El Rescate de Ulises”. The mystery of the islands awaits you! Come and join the Great Voyage now. Let yourself be carried away by the islands playful dances.

Rides at Terra Mitica Theme Park Benidorm

Magnus ColosMagnus Colossus Rollercoaster terra mitica theme parksus Rollercoaster

A wooden roller coaster with a double drop. It is 36 metres high and reaches a speed of 92 km/h. When Terra Mítica introduced Magnus Colossus in 2000 it was the longest wooden roller coaster in Europe. Magnus Colossus features a unique layout built into the side of a large hill. The coaster begins with a 118-foot double down drop offering plenty of airtime. During the 3,772-foot long course, the trains reach a top speed of 57 mph as they encounter a series of hairpin turns, crossovers and laterally force filled helixes. Trains have seven cars with two rows each, seating two abreast per row. Ride capacity: 1,280 passengers per hour

The Falls of the Nile – a log flume ride. It has two drops, one in reverse, with its biggest drop being 20 metres height.

Alexandrías Port – A boat ride from Egypt to Iberia.

Infinito – A 100 metres tower that offers you an amazing view of the Benidorm skyline as well as impressive views of the coastline and the park. It was added in the middle of the 2007

Terror Pyramid – An indoor paintball game as well as a haunted maze. Both require a special admissions charge as they located in the free access area.

Tritons Fury – A themed big boat drop ride with two drops

The Labyrinth of the Minotaur – A dark ride

Synkope – A giant pendulum that swings at 90km/h with 35 metres height

infinito terra mitica

Ulysses Rescue – A Dark/Water Ride, with animatronics and so nice theming

The Flight of the Phoenix – A drop tower, with 60 metres and themed about the legend of the phoenix







Inferno – A Zacinferno terra mitica benidormSpin Coster. It is 25 metres height and flies at 60 km/h producing 3 g forces for a brief but exciting moment. It possesses one inversion. The unique trains have individual cars on each side of the steel track that will flip forwards and backwards during the course of the ride. The unique trains that straddle the steel track with passenger cars on both side. Trains have four cars with two cars back-to-back on each side of the track. Each car has one row, seating two abreast per row.





tizone terra mitica theme park

Tizona – A roller coaster. This suspended looping coaster is named after Spanish mythical hero El Cids sword. This inverted coaster takes Terra Mítica guests upside down five times at speeds of up to 50 mph while seated in trains suspended from the track above. This roller coaster is located in Terra Míticas Iberia themed area.

Synkope – A flat ride, 35 metres in height, reaching a velocity of 90 km/h

Revolution – Built in 2004

Arietes – Childrens carousel rides

Argos Rapids – A water rapids ride

The Anger of Akiles – The new addition in 2006. It is 16 metres high.

Childrens Rides – More than 13 Kiddie Rides and a lot of games and water zones


Notable shows

Gladiators Fight – In the Roman square, in front of the Circus Màximus, enjoy a battle between the most important Gladiator Schools of Rome

Red Beard – Enter into a typical Mediterranean town and live the Captain Red Beards attack with a real ship with 7 pirates, a town, a 20-metre cliff and a lot of special effects and surprises!

Tarantela – Inside the Circus Màximus, you will see a fantastic history about a stupid clown who finds the Circus Maximus God and who takes part in a special party inside the Roman theatre. Dont miss this show!

Heartbeat of the Sea – Night Show in the Alexandrias lake with lasers, lights, fire and water



Videos of Terra Mitica

Below are some videos of the rides and attractions at Terra Mitica Theme Park near Benidorm