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Car Hire Spain – Car Rental Spain


Car Hire Spain – Car Rental Spain

When searching for car hire in Spain make sure all of these potential extras are included in the car rental price you have been quoted:
Third party insurance.
Airport fees.
Breakdown cover.
All local surcharges.
Loss/collision damage waiver.
Unlimited mileage.

All the major car rental companies are represented at most airports and in most cities, and there are several local companies which vary by region.

If you are hiring a car in the summer, where the temperatures will be above 30 degrees Celsius, it would be an idea to check that the price for your car hire applies to car hire with air-conditioning.

Make sure the car hire company acknowledge any bumps and scrapes already on the car. If you don’t you may find that when you return your car hire the Spanish car hire company may hold you responsible (and charge) you.

Booking in advance for car hire abroad can save £100s. If you book off-peak when demand’s tiny, you can drive down costs.

When booking car hire in Spain make sure you opt to take a diesel car as it will be much cheaper to run compared to unleaded petrol as diesel is far cheaper.

Many car hire companies employ a so-called “full-empty policy”, which means you pay upfront for a tank of petrol and can return it empty. However, you are likely to be charged an inflated price for the petrol. In some cases, you’ll be offered the right to a refund on unused fuel, but there’s still usually a service charge attached. Look for car hire firms that allow you simply to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel it had when you picked it up.

All car hire companies are obliged by law to hire a car that is roadworthy so they will all include the obligatory third-party insurance (responsabilidad civil obligatoria or seguro obligatorio) that is required is Spain but that is a very basic type of insurance.

Always lock your doors, and do not leave your suitcase, purse, camera bag, or anything else of value in plain sight in your parked rental car.



Car Hire Spain