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Valenica Metro


Valenica Metro Train System

Valenica Metro

The Valencian narrow gauge railway, or metrovalencia, is unusual as it has a very large suburban network that crosses the city of Valencia, with all trains continuing out to far-flung suburbs. It also has destinations on lines that make it more closely resemble commuter train lines in being scheduled and not grade-separated. A tramway system north of the Túria riverbed park is considered Line 4 of the MetroValencia.

This network consists of more than 134 kilometres (83 mi) of track, of which around 19 kilometres (12 mi) is below ground.


Valenica Metro Train Lines

Valencia Metro is easy to understand as each line has a distinct colour.

Line 1 (yellow) runs within the city and to the surrounding areas of Llíria, Bétera and Rafelbunyol in the north and Torrent in the south.

Line 2 from Bailen to Nazaret is at the moment under construction and should be completed in 2010.

Lines 3 and 5 both connect the airport to the city of Valencia. Line 3 (red line) connects Rafelbunyol to the airport and Line 5 (green line) connects the Port of Valencia to the airport and provides a direct link between Valencia’s seafront, Port and Estacion del Norte (RENFE central station). It is the easiest and quickest way to get into town (15 minutes to center) from the Manises Valencia Airport and also the cheapest at about 1.80€.

Line 4 – Valencia Tram: an overground tram at Pont de Fusta which is part of the Metro. The stations is close to the Turia Gardens opposite Torres de Serrano (Serranos Towers) in Barrio del Carmen. The tram takes you to Malvarrosa beach and will soon be extended to Xativa in the centre of town near Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Estación de Norte.

Line 6 will run from Torrefiel to Fco Cubells.



The Valencia Metro Route Map and Stations

Click on the link below to open a larger PDF version of the Valencia Metro map.