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Skiing in Spain


Skiing in Spain

As the second most mountainous country in Europe (behind only Switzerland), Spain offers excellent skiing despite its relatively southern latitude. Spanish ski resorts abound not only in the Pyrenees along the northern border, but as far south as the Sierra Nevada in the south of Spain.

Resorts are also located near the major cities, including Madrid and Barcelona. Most Spanish ski resorts also offer snow boarding options as well.

The most elite skiing in Spain tends to be in the Pyrenees, which are comparable with the mid-sized Alpine resorts. There are numerous ski resorts destinations in the Pyrenees, stretching all the way along the French border in Catalonia, Aragon and Andorra. In the Catalan Pyrenees: Baqueira-Beret, Boí-Taüll and La Molina. In the Aragon Pyrenees: Astún, Candanchu, Cerler, Formigal and Panticosa. In Andorra: Pas de la Casa, Grau Roig, Soldeu, El Tarter and Pal.

Further south, above Granada in Andalucia is the Sierra Nevada which in spite of its sunny climate has hosted the World Alpine Ski Championships. Sierra Nevada although the southern most ski resort in Europe has the longest winter season with skiers enjoying snow for almost 5 months a year.

The ski slopes outside Madrid, however, while less advanced than those in the Pyrenees, can be reached easily in less than an hour through public transportation, by car, or by regular buses operated by ski clubs such as Club Amistad.

Indoor Skiing Centres
Skiing in Spain

Skiing also can now be found in Spain in the height of summer. The Xanadu shopping mall southwest of Madrid offers an indoor slope — basically a beginner ski slope, although with a jump or two built in — throughout the year. Equipment, including warm clothing, can be rented at the slope.

Spanish ski resorts

Alto Campo
Phone: 942 779 223
Web: http://www.AltoCampo.com

Phone: 987 490 350
Web: http://www.leitariegos.com

Iberian Range
Phone: 978 786 400
Web: http://www.Javalambre.com

Web: http://www.Valdezcaray.com

Pyrenees, Catalonia
Baqueira Beret
Phone: 973 639 000
Web: http://www.baqueira.es

Espot Esqui
Phone: 973 624 058
Web: http://www.espotesqui.es

La Molina
Phone: 972 892 031
Web: http://www.LaMolina.com

Central Range (Near Madrid)
Phone: 915 943 034
Web: http://www.puertonavacerrada.com

Phone: 915 701 224
Web: http://www.valdesqui.es

La Pinilla
Web: http://www.lapinilla.es