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Feb 102018

ELF Highlights to move from Five to QUEST

The Football League’s struggling Saturday night highlights show will be screened by low-profile channel Quest from next season.

The official announcement will follow when the presenting team are known and the time of the broadcast, crucial to the show’s success, is agreed.

QUEST is available “free to air” on satellite and Freeview

The highlights have been shown at 9pm on Channel Five for the past three seasons, but the programme has never attracted the audiences expected for such a prime-time slot.

The EFL highlights used to be shown in the graveyard slot after Match of the Day by the BBC, but still brought in one million viewers, double the number watching on Channel Five.

The BBC were said to be interested in regaining the rights, but the EFL have preferred to take the bigger offer from wealthy Liberty Group, who oversee Eurosport and the Discovery channels, as well as the relatively unknown Quest.