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Bull running in Denia


Bull running in Denia

The Valencian town of Dénia works itself up into a frenzy for the much-anticipated Toros/Bous a la Mar.

This bull running extravaganza is staged annually to commemorate the Festival of the Sacred Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It takes place in the port area of Denia, in the first two weeks of July. There are two runs a day, at 1pm and 7pm.

Bull running in Denia takes place in the local harbour where the participants are chased by bulls with jumping in the sea as their only escape route. And even than you’re not completely safe, because sometimes the weaker bulls fall down from the docks into the sea.

Besides this spectacular bull run, the event is accompanied with processions, carriage parades and firework.

This is a free festivity open for everyone who thinks he can outrun a bull.