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Bull running in Javea


Bull running in Javea

Javeas main festival take place during the last week of August and the first week of September in the port area of the town and is in honour of Our Lady of Loreto. The Nuestro Virgin Loreto Fiesta takes place around Javea port area, and is from the 31st August to the 8th September each year.

The fiesta is centered around bull running in Javea.

Rather than set up a temporary bullring and have bullfights as is the case in the majority of national village fiestas, Javea provides quite a divergence from the theme called Bous a la Mar (Bulls to the Sea).

A temporary stand is constructed in the port area with seats looking down on a small man-made “beach” which is no more than 70m long by 20m wide. Along one side of this sandy area is the stand for spectators and at the other side is the sea.