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May 042023

13 beaches in the La Safor area have received a Blue Flags.

Blue Flags recognizes those beaches that stand out for the quality of their waters and their services.

Playa Nord de Gandia

has been obtaining the Blue Flag title for 37 years. And this year Playa Nord de Gandia has received two more distinctions : a Special Mention for Accessibility and care for people with disabilities and another for Safety for First Aid Services.

Other ebaches in the area to receive the Blue Flag include Oliva, which receives Blue Flags for the beaches of L’Aigua Morta, L’Aigua Blanca, Pau-Pi and Terranova-Burguera.

Tavernes receives two blue flags, one for La Goleta and another for the Tavernes de la Valldigna beach.

In addition, the beaches of the towns of Bellreguard, Daimús, Miramar, Piles and Xeraco also obtain the Blue Flag.

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