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Post in Spain – Correos


Post and Post Offices in Spain – Correos

The Spanish Postal Service, “Correos”, has over 6,000 offices all over the country, including small villages, railway stations, ports and airports. They provide a wide range of modern and efficient services. Though renowned for slow delivery the Correo or Spanish post office vastly improved over the past years. Post Offices are open from 8.30 am to 2 pm and depending on the size of the town may be open also in the afternoon. Most will also open again on Saturday mornings, but in the smaller towns will close as early as 12pm.

Post in Spain - Correos

Be prepared for long queues at the post office. This is why “estancos” (tobacconists) sell stamps and many will also have the facility to weigh packages, and often this can be more convenient than going to the Post Office.

Letterboxes are yellow and outside Post Offices you will find specific boxes for local, national and international letters.

Post box in Spain - Correos

Parcels must be posted from inside the Post Office but many tobacconists can weigh your parcels and sell the correct postage.

If you have to collect a registered or certified letter or package you will be asked to show some form of identification.

There is a phone number for Customer Service which is 902 197 197 and the Post offices website can be found at www.correos.es. There you will find a full description of the services in Spanish. To locate a post office in any town select “Logistica” from the menu on the left and then “Localizador de oficinas” on the menu on the right hand side.