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Oliva beaches


Oliva Beaches. Oliva Port / Marina.

All the main beaches have been adapted for handicapped access, with long slatted wood paths leading from the road (in some cases through the dunes) down towards the sea.

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Playa Pau Pi, Oliva
The beach of Pau Pi is traditionally the oldest and most central beach in Oliva. Pau Pi is where the first residential buildings sprung up. Thankfully in keeping with the rest of Olivas beach areas, the houses are very low-rise with only two floors. Pau Pi beach has lots of market stalls, restaurants, ice cream parlours and small bars including beach bars.


What is significant about Oliva Pau Pi beach is that unlike the other Oliva beaches it does not have the sand dunes because the houses have been built right up to the sand of the beach whereas at the other Oliva beaches the houses are behind the high sand dunes and so they are much less noticeable and discreet. However Pau Pi beach is the busiest and has the most facilities so you much decide what you are looking for and at least you have different choices.

The Pau Pi beach is fine golden sand. To the left (north) known as Alfonso el Magnanimo you have the marina called Club Nautica, a very pretty spot with the boats and yachts, there is a walkway with a restaurant and bars. There are facilities for the handicapped, volleyball nets and also some beach football pitches with goals which is a nice touch.

More than one kilometre of open fine sand beach located in a residential urban environment. It has two stretches of beach adapted with all necessary services for people with reduced mobility. One of this stretches is at Alfonso el Magnánimo, next to the yacht port, and the other in front of Plaza de Europa, on the southern extreme bordering on the beach Aigües Blanques.

Playa Aigua Blanca, Oliva
The Aigua Blanca beach with natural dunes lies between two rivers, the mouth of the Alfadalí and the Bullent. On this beach they where you can have a drink in the shade without losing sight of the sea. It is not crowded even in the ideal spot for the practice of water-sports.


Immediately when you walk onto Aigua Blanca beach you have the first beach bar and just to the right is a good childrens play area as well as volleyball nets. Dunes and Mediterranean vegetation shape the characteristic image of this semi-urban beach of fine sand and clean water, being almost three kilometres long and reaching El Riuet dels Gorgs.

Running along to the right of Aigua Blanca beach is a walkway or promenade which is also very good for cyclists and roller skaters.

Also to the right of the entrance to Aigua Blanca beach the sand dunes start again. As you walk south along Aigua Blanca beach it becomes more remote, more natural and quiet as you are leaving the main centre of Oliva beach behind.

Playa Aigua Morta, Oliva
L’Aigua Morta gives name to the stretch comprising from river Vedat to the residential area San Fernando. Open fine sand beach of rustic aspect with an important dune cordon being one of its main attractions.


Here we find the residential areas Oliva-Nova and San Fernando with an attractive sports offer: 18-hole golf course and four internationally renowned football pitch. The beach leaves behind rustic and camping areas and opens to give way to the Bullent river so that you can alternate between seawater and the sweet water and fishing of the river.

Playa Terranova
Situated on the northern extreme of the town, it is a beach of natural aspect with an outstanding dune and Mediterranean vegetation cordon behind which an important marsh area is located. Its sand is fine and golden and waters show a very clean aspect


It is worthwhile enjoying the few virgin beaches remaining on our Mediterranean coast. On this beach, which conserves its dunes intact and whose quality has won the European Union´s Blue Flag on many occasions, there is a sweet water spring called “Tou” or “Clotal” that is suitable for bathing.

Playa Rabdells
A perfectly conserved dune cordon gives a special attraction to this open fine sand beach of more than one kilometre extending from El Riuet dels Gorgs to river Vedat.. There is a path on the dunes so that you can take a walk and enjoy the extraordinary views. In this area there are campsites with direct access to the beach and beach-bars in which you can enjoy music by the sea on the long summer nights. Chiringuitos or beach bars open in July and August are set up on the beach for the high summer months. The most famous Chiringuitos being Oli Ba Ba beach bar situated amongst the sand dunes on Radbells Beach.


Les Deveses Beach

Located on the most southern extreme of the province of Valencia, it reaches river Molinell and beaches in Denia. Beach of fine sand with an environment marked by dunes covered with vegetation. In summer, Llebeig wind usually blowing in the afternoon, attracts several windsurfers.

Oliva Yacht Club – Costa Blanca

The sailing club is one of the main points of attraction of a town that marks the limit between Valencia and Alacant. It is located in the dock of La Goleta, where two breakwaters enter the sea to order the moorings, which are usually allocated according to length. The club has modern installations
that include a restaurant and swimming pool, as well as terraces with lots of social activities, especially during the summer season. In summer, the club opens its officially approved sailing school, which is especially appropriate for young sailors, with introductory and advanced courses on offer.

Number of Moorings: 423
Coordinates: 38º 35´ 09´´ N – 0º 05´ 05´´ W
Address: Alfonso el Magnánimo, s/n
Contact: Tel 96 285 34 23