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Valencias Bullring


Valencias Bullring

Finished in 1861 in the Neoclassical style, Valencia’s bullring is a fascinating
structure essentially based upon the structure of ancient theaters like Rome’s
Colisseum. Aside from bullfights, Valencia’s Plaza de Toros (Bullring) also
hosts a variety of other cultural activities, such as concerts and circuses. The
venue is situated in a prime location right next to the train station and only
slighly removed from the historical part of Valencia; so, even if you’re not
sure whether a bullfight is for you, still take the opportunity to check out the
bullring and visit the free Bullfight Museum inside.

Valencia’s bull ring is built as a compact brick cylinder, with four arch groups similar to the Roman Coliseum in Rome. It is possibly the first building in the city to use exposed iron, particularly in the columns that hold the steps. When it was built, the bullring had a capacity for 16,800 people, a number in accordance with the huge passion for bullfighting at that time in Valencia. Next to the bull ring is The Bullfighting Museum with a collection of memorabilia of this ancient sport.

In terms of the big event itself, bullfighting isn’t quite as ingrained into
Valencian life and culture as it is in other regions of Spain, but the sport
does still maintain a high degree of importance. Valencia bullfights are held
sporadically between March and October, but the best time to see all of the
tradition and pageantry is during the major Valencia festival seasons, when
Spain’s best bullfighters flock to Valencia to show off their stuff. During Las
Fallas and July’s Feria de Valencia, for example, there are several bullfights
held to complement the celebrations. The Feria de Octubre, on the other hand, is
a festival dedicated exclusively to this quintessentially Spanish cultural

The Plaza de Toros in Valencia is a spectacular building just by the train
station, in the centre of the city, built a-la Roman amphitheatre. You can have
a small look at its interior from the Museum Taurino any time of the year. Most
of the year Plaza de Toros is used for various concerts, congregations and
cultural events. The actual bull-fighting (corrida) in Valencia takes place
three times a year:

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